Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mega Goes To Japan! (Awyeaaa)

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Hi everyone! Just come back from my study (again), and now I'm back in my lovely country, Indonesia.

Okay.. now back again to the business. Scrolling on my instagram feed and found out that TOKYO RAIL DAYS is having a competition to win a FREE trip to Japan. Wohooo! This is my chance to shine haha. 

Why I'm so excited to go to Japan? Well.. that's so many reasons on why I want to go there and I can't get enough time to write it in here. Anyway.. here is my plan if I get a chance to spend my days in Japan. (drum roll please)


Based on what many people said, Japan skiing and snowboarding are legendary. Even though I never see snow before and I also never experience snowboarding but, I would really LOVE to learn how to do it. Yes, I'm 24 years old and never see snow YET.

But I know I will experience it soon! amen :p . Anyway.. If you're travelling to Japan ski or snowboard, the best two regions on which to focus are the northern island of Hokkaido and Nagano Prefecture in the Japanese Alps. 

Getting to Hokkaido usually means taking a domestic flight (just an hour from Tokyo), while getting to Nagano is relatively easy by train. If you want to go by train, don't forget to buy your train ticket at Tokyo Rail Days because its EASY BUY EASY TRY EASY GO!
JR East (Tokyo Rail Days) Official Website


Right after go skiing or snowboarding, it's time to look at something unique that you can't find in Indonesia which is...

I can't wait to see the real things! As I loved ZOO so its not a surprise that I want to see this type of monkey that are fuzzy, adorable and small which makes me want to touch them. If you wondering why they water baths in the picture, its simply because when they descend from the tress in the winter to warm themselves in sulfur-fueled water baths.


After seeing monkey, I probably already starving to death as I having my first skiing and snowboarding before. Sukibayashi Jiro is a sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo.

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE sushi to death so I have to go here as President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also go here before so I'm curious what makes the President of United States go there to eat. And.. If I'm lucky, I might bumping to President Obama as well! (I wish)

me chillin' with President Obama
Or... Maybe it will give me the most delicious sushi that I never taste before. Oh wait! I will also try ramen in Japan because.... I LOVE RAMEN TO DEATH! Teehee.


Even though I had experience of hot springs before but in Japan the art of the onsen experience has been perfected to an extraordinary degree. As a girl that take care of my skin really well, I know that hot springs can give my skin many benefits and also I would love to have that clear, baby skin like Japanese girls do.

Other things is combines with a stay in a traditional ryokan (Japanese-style inn), and I will be having an unforgettable trip! When staying at onset ryokan, I also can experience my first time tatami-lined room.


Who wouldn't love to visit this place? Like seriously?! Even from the picture its already amuse me. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located at the base of Mount Haku-san in Gifu. It is a typical mountain village that is surrounded by mountains. Mountains and forests account for 96% of the area and the remaining 0.4% is cultivated land.

This place is look like something in fairytale for me because the place really beautiful with a lot of snow and giving me a warmth and welcoming feel by just see the picture itself. It said that this place get booked solid way in advance, so I need to reserve earlier if I want to stay in there.


To reach this place, you can take the expressway bus from Meitetsu Bus Center in Nagoya Station. I believe its a lovely lightings with magical feel, especially during the winter season which is perfect time when I go there. Where else you can see this pretty amazing lightings if not when you visit Japan, right? Another highlight is if you go there with your loved one.. it will making it to be more and more special. Also don't forget you can be "narcissistic" in here and take a selfie so you can brag about this place to your friends LOL.


Who doesn't know Akihabara? I wanted to go here since ages! Ever since I read GALS! I really want to see the real Akibahara and see japan ganguro. I would also love to visit cat cafe because cat simply adorable and fluffy. At Akihabara, you can also go to maid cafe, electric town, live J-Pop performance visit a weapons store and interact with the real lollies.


Gala Yuzawa is in the town of Echigo Yukawa in Niigata Prefecture. Located about 200kms to the north of Tokyo, the area is famous for its impressive snowfall, and skiing from 1,181km down to 358m, Gala Yukawa resort is the perfect place to enjoy the excellent snow conditions.

Gala Yuzawa merupakan salah satu tempat yang direkomendasikan bagi para wisatawan Indonesia, untuk mencapai "snowy wonderland" ini tidak perlu mengganti kereta karena dengan shinkansen bisa langsung tiba di Gala Yuzawa. Jadikanlah Gala Yuzawa sebagai salah satu tujuan wisata kamu apabila berlibur ke Jepang.

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