Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Do you suffer from blackhead and massive pimple? If you do, you are at the same path like me. I suffer from large pores, pimple, blackhead since forever and have been searching for the cure to this problem. I know that retin-A is good to reduce the large pores but for retin-A product, I can only find a brand that is expensive and I can’t afford to buy it yet and also for pimple, its really hard to find benzoyl peroxide 2.5% here in Indonesia. So I search for another product that can solve my problem which is… Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
Maybe most of you guys already know this product but.. let me give you my experience using this product~

How to apply?
Just spread it all over your face (avoiding eye area). You can apply it thick or thin because a little amount will also do the job, don’t worry!

After you apply, you will have a tingling or cooling sensation, which is normal because I also experiencing that thing. Then you have to wait for 15 minutes. For me, normally I will leave it longer like… 30 minutes or 1 hour so the masks can dry completely lol.

Rinse it with warm water and.. TARAA!! For me, after I used the mask my pores will become smaller than before and for blackhead, after I use the mask, my blackhead suddenly disappear because the greatness of this mask. Thank you mask!!

And also this mask can help you dry out your pimple. This is the perfect way if the next day you will have a date or important meeting and suddenly the day before you have a big pimple. This mask can dry out your pimple and make it smaller. Even my sister loves it because it helps with her pimple!

You can use it maximum twice per week I guess because this mask not really good if you use it too much. I will use this mask once a week because I just don’t want put this mask too often.
Note: sorry I hope it won’t gross you out :\
       - AFTER -
As you can see.. before using the product, my pores really have so many blackheads until it appear really black and also my pimple looks more red. After using it, my pore become less visible and also looks smaller than before. My pimple also become dry and the next day I found that my pimple just flaking by itself. How cool was that huh?

Will I repurchase?
Yes because its amazing mask and suit for my skin. Also it takes forever to finish this entire mask. Maybe no just because its kind of hard to find this mask in Indonesia so I don’t want to risk it when I already fall in love with this mask and my face already get used to using this mask often and I can’t find it in here. It will be sucks :\


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