Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Joni Steak Jakarta

If you are craving with steak and don't have enough budget to buy, you can go to this shop as in here the steak are pretty cheap compare to another store! The meat itself also sumptuous and you will be really full only eating one steak.
As you can see, you can order a set contain drink and one steak with sides for only IDR60k++. For that price you can have a sirloan import steak. WOW!! They also got a salad which is really cheap for only IDR 10k++ and its pretty big it can feed up to 4 persons.
  Take a look at thos gorgeous steak yum yum! I ordered the sirloin import and asked for medium rare and it is really medium rare. Its really juicy and also soft, there is only a small portion of fatty inside the meat so it really pay the price.
look at that glossy sauce yum!
my grandma enjoying her steak lol
You can choose 2 sauce for the steak which are mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce. For me, the black pepper sauce is more tasty than the mushroom sauce. If you like spicy things like me, you can choose the black pepper sauce rather than the mushroom sauce.

Don't forget to come early as it will be pretty packed if you come at night and you can't booked place in this restaurant so you can either ask your friend to take some place at the restaurant first or just go early to the restaurant :)


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