Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pavillion - Santouka - Snowflake

Long time not blogging! And yes, this is a late post.. as it already happen for the past week before lol. Anyway, last week I went to KL again with my friend and we eat this yummy food called Santouka!

The place is nice, its really reminds me like a japanese street shop in the movie. Anyway.. me and my friend decide to order the set menu. Yey! Here is some picture of the menu and the food that we order.

As you can see from the menu, the ramen consist of three base of soup which are salt, miso and soyu.

So one of my friend decide to order the fuji apple juice, as from the first time we want to order the white grape juice but its out of stock bohoo :(

Anddd finally! the food is come! Here are the set of my food which is salt base ramen! It also consist with curry rice, salad, pickles and chawanmushi! Its really delicious! The best ramen I ever had so far. Yummerss detected.

And here are my friend set menu. My friend choosing the soyu base soup with char siew rice.

And if you want to come to this place, you can find it at Pavillion, same floor with the tokyo street =)
Right after we finish our food, we decided to have some dessert which is.. Snowflake! Its like a day with yummy food lol.

This one was added to my most favorite menu in snowflake! The green tea shave ice was just so amazingg. One thing I don't like is just the seed ball I guess.. which taste a little bit strange for me.

And here are some recap of what tokyo street are look like!

Feel like in Japan already.. haha

And in the food republic in Pavillion, you can find this awesome cake store :3 And yesss, all of the picture is a cake!