Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lancome Genifique Review

I have been wondering why my face feels more smooth nowadays and then I realize... I just try out the sample of Lancome Genifique. This product was amazing! After first try, my face feels soooo smooth like baby skin omgomg! I really wanna buy this product if it was more cheaper tho :(
Here is the look of the item!

So.. I got a 7 days package for a try out. And after the 7 days.. it makes me.. wanna buy the real product!! lol.

What Lancome said about the product:
Lancôme introduces New Advanced Génifique for smoother and more radiant skin that you can see and feel. First results in just 7 days.
An exclusive innovation: the advanced self-loading dropper that gives you the perfect dose of serum for each application.
Reactivates the 10 key signs of youth, day and night. This innovative formula, featuring Génifique’s powerful new complex with added biotechnology-derived ingredient, is incredible to the touch.

What it does to my skin:
well.. I should say my skin really looking more radiant than before in just 7 days!! And thats really amazing right? At first I don't really pay much attention about how this things gonna result but then.. my skin just turns out to be much much better than before. So.. if you have extra money, you should give this a try as it really works as what it says. I'm not sure how it gonna works to others tho, but for me.. it really is like a magic cause it makes a difference in my face in just 7 days.

Here is how it looks like:
I would gonna say that this stuff having like a water consistency

How I use it?
I use it like the way I am using my hada labo.. just put all the stuff into my palm and then smear to both hands and pat dry to the face. After that you can continue with using your daily moisturizer. Oh.. and I do realize that after using this, it like have some kind of flaking or something. Like a dead skin is just peel of from the skin. Pretty amazing huh?

will I buy it?
Yes definitely!! If only I have extra cash :(

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Friday, May 24, 2013


Ever feeling so stressful cause you feel like your skin is really dull and you don't know what to do with it? Well.. it goes same to me too! And I also believe some day, some people will be like this..

and this.. because they don't know what should they do to make their skin look better

And what to do if you also have a pimple and you want to cover it??

Don't worry guys!! Because now Laneige have their new wonderful product which is Laneige BB Cushion! 

Laneige is one of Korea’s leading premium cosmetic brand and now they come out with this amazing top secret weapon to flawless-looking skin which is a compact that contains a patented cushion filled with cooling air and BB cream! OMG FOR REAL??

Yes it is!! It is a unique type of BB product with 5 benefits (soothing, skin tone correction, SPF 50+ PA+++, brightening, sweat-proof) and has won numerous beauty awards! Not only that! You also can achieve the natural looking by using this product. Woott!! Thats what every girl are waiting for!! Yes!!

and the plus thing about this.. it is really a convenient compact that can easily fit to your cosmetic pouch! Say bye bye to the big junkie compact powder.
And as it is sweat proof, so I don't have to retouch my powder again and it will make my face less cakey and reduce the possibility of new pimple! 

I know right... How awesome is that?? YEY!!

OH.. and...

Still haven't satisfy yet and want your face look even better? Don't know what product to use?


How about Laneige Water Sleeping Pack? It is one of the best seller and achieve Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards in 2011!

Don't have to worry anymore if the next day you have to go dating and your skin is dry.. don't have to worry if next day you have a meeting and your skin is not corporate well with you.. you don't have to stress about it anymore!

This sleeping pack claims to give intensive hydration, vitality and a brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation through aroma scent during sleep. It is said to be suitable for all skin types and is alcohol free, which makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin like myself!

SO.. all my problem is fix because of Laneige! Thank you Laneige!

Now I will go and buy this product so I can stay pretty everyday! lolol~
So.. last but not least.. I will confidently snap a picture and doing the Gwiyomi thing haha!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Review!

Hi guys~ just want to share you my acne story.. a couple months ago before using, I have many pimples in my forehead, cheeks and chin :( . My chin totally horrendous especially when I got my period. So I decide to buying this baby as many people say this really work and help to clear you face!

The kit come with cleanser, moisturizer, AHA+, treatment (2.5% benzoyl peroxide) and jojoba oil.


How to use?
put just a little amount on your palm and give a bit of water. make a bubble of it and massage through out your face not more than 10 seconds! you have to cleans with this 10 second or less.

TREATMENT (2.5% benzoyl peroxide)

just use a little bit of this on your problem area. as for me is on the forehead and chin. Remember not put too much of this product as it can dry out your skin, and using this a little bit also will do a good job to your skin =)


after you using the treatment, you need to give moisturizer to your skin as your skin will become more dry later. you can use any moisturizer but for me, as I buy the complete kit.. so I just use this moisturizer that comes in one set =)


this product will make you complexion even better! you can change your morning moisturizer with this one after one month using the kit.


how to use this?
put a few drop on your moisturizer and you are ready to go! this might be gross to you as it will make you face more oily. but trust me, it did a really good job to your skin and doesn't clog pores either.. so just give it a shoot =)

Here is my picture before using the kit:

My skin was uneven and I have like a red blemishes all over my face. I am not even confident at all if going out without put my make up on :( . I have many small pimples in my forehead. You can't see it but you can feel it whenever you touch my forehead and it make me embarrassed if someone accidentally touch my forehead :(

well.. but thats the past! now here is my picture after a month using this kit!

now my skin is getting better and better each day! and I am not embarrassed anymore even I am not having my make up on :D . I just have a big pimple now when I got my period, but when I don't.. I have a really clear skin yeaayy~~ My skin looks even now and no more blemishes anymore ^^

and here is for more review of the product:

Hope this post can help you guys to also help your problems :D


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips Review

Ever wonder how to whiten your teeth and you don't want to go to doctor for it? Here is the solution! Let me introduce you with crest strips ;)

So.. the box comes with 7 strips for the Intensive Professional Effects. Other type comes with much more strips if I am not mistaken.

Basically what you need to do is playing the strip (lower strips first) and leave it for 2 hours and tadaaa! You will have a brighter teeth than before. But becareful as you might having a sting sensation when first time using it. After using the strips, my teeth become more sensitive in about 5 days, but after that it will turn to normal again ;)

Here is my before:

And here is after!
Say bye to yellow teeth eewww :s

anddd the comparison!

I have been using two box for this result. And you just have to use one box for one year. So.. I have been using it for two years already ;) . Hope this can help you guys~
Oh and if you are in Malaysia and don't know where to buy it.. you can buy it from sgdrugstore and don't forget to quote my blog as well! :D

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Revlon Colorsilk Dark Auburn

Hai hai~. Last 2 weeks just did a hair dye on my hair. Cause am feeling like wanted to dye it brown kinda red thingy, so I choose this one!

The box comes with conditioner, instruction, pair of glove, hair color and the mixture!

Oh and don't forget this conditioner to be used after you had your shampoo and then you use this and rinse it off! Because I normally use liese, and the conditioner of liese don't have to be rinsed so I almost end up not rinse my hair lol

Here is the before:

Look at the mess in my clothes! :x

Oh.. and I got a stain too because of the hair dye :( . Luckily I can get rid of it. If your wonder how I do it.. simply just rub olive oil on it or you also can try to remove it with nail polish remover :)

And the after:

Actually the color not really show off if there is no light. But even there is a light, you can't really differentiate it. Oh well.. next time I will buy brighter color for sure :p

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