Saturday, April 26, 2014


I've been wondering what so fantastic about laduree macaroon compare to other macaroon? I'm definitely not a sweet tooth person but, I just curious how amazing this macaroon taste like. So I'm heading over to Takashimaya, Orchard just to buy this macaroon and hopefully its worth it compare to how hot and sunny it is when I'm about to go there *finger crossed*

I come over to like... the stall one cause I accidentally bumped to it. So.. here it is!

The store itself pretty eye catching because the lighting and the decoration. It seems classy yet elegant in some way that can't be explain. When I reached there, some people surrounded the store just to take a picture of the macaroon or the store. Some people also asking about the macaroon prices etc.

Cause I'm pretty stiff of all things, I have done a research first before getting there. Just to know the prices and the flavour as well. So I immediately go to the cashier and tell what flavour that I want and how many macaroon that I would choose.

As you can see, they sell other stuff as well apart of the macaroon. They sell handbag, tea, candle and also key chain. The key chain itself is pretty expensive tho... for a key chain of laduree you have to pay S$78. Like.. wow! Damn I would love to spend those quite large amount of money to buy clothes instead lol. Macaroon price is S$3.8 each. You can either buy 6 macaroons and get the long type of box for S$32 or buy 8 macaroons and get the square box for S$38. I ended buying 8 macaroons cause I had plenty flavour that I would loved to taste :)
You can also buy 1-3 macaroon but you only get a paper bag. They also selling gold macaroon which cost you for S$7.80. If you don't mind to spend those money for only 1 macaroon so.. go on. But for me is a NO. Like.. one second and PUFF! S$7.80 is gone. Phew.

For the macaroon shell : its quite fragile and soft. Like from the first bite then you need to be careful or else, the rest of macaroon will be torn to pieces.

Macaroon ganache : soft and fluffy and yet sticky for some flavour.

For the macaroon taste..

Rose Petal : they said this one is the best seller. But the taste is pretty unique.. I can't tell what it taste like. Cause it's like the most random flavour I've ever taste. From 5 point, I will give it a 2.

Pistachio : this one have a strong flavour and I kinda like it! Not a big fan of pistachio tho.. but this one is okay for me. This one I will give a 3 point.

Marie Antoinette : okay this one also a strange flavour that I can't describe. It's like just a sweet taste without a unique flavour or something. So I will give it a 2 point.

Salted Caramel : hands down this is the best from the rest macaroon flavour that I buy!! Should buy this one instead the other things! 4 out of 5 for sure.

Monday, April 14, 2014

4Finger Crispy Chicken

Craving for fried chicken?

How about trying a new taste of fried chicken! This one is a restaurant who inspired by korean culture I guess.. It seems similar with restaurant called "BonChon Chicken". This Restaurant offer you a fried chicken with different flavor.. such as hot, soy garlic and mix. If you order mix, it means that your order will be a mix between soy garlic and hot flavor.

I personally like hot flavor more.. as it gives you more unique taste compare to soy garlic. The soy garlic itself just taste like salty and the garlic itself doesn't really appear. You can't barely taste the garlic.. in my opinion.

Okay so.. I ever come to two of their branches. One is inside Ion Orchard if I'm not mistaken, and one more is in Plaza Singapore. So.. here is the place in Plaza Singapore.

So for the price is.. you can say average, as it is comes with fries and a drink (not refillable). But for the chicken itself, the only good part of the chicken is the skin. After you take off the skin, the flavor straight away disappear. Why? Because the much of the flavor contain just stick on the chicken skin, which.. when you eat out the skin and just leave the meat part itself.. it will be just like a tasteless fried chicken :(
But then again.. this fried chicken is a worth to try tho.. If you never try this one, definitely need to try it out while you are in Singapore!

Friday, April 4, 2014