Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tim Ho Wan Pantai Indah Kapuk

I was tempted to try this restaurant from longest time ago but just recently had a chance to really try it. The store itself located far away, almost in the right corner in that area. 
When me and my family go there, it was not that pack YET… but after a couple of minutes later, more customer are coming to dine in there.

First of all what I wanted to point out about this restaurant is the service. I will score it 10 out of 10 because.. The manager is really lovely when he saw my grandmother and immediately offer a special chair so that my grandma can lay back (FYI the chair in there don’t have any support in the back, if that even make sense lol). I don’t even ask for it nor have intention to ask for it wtf I’m careless granddaughter T_T I’m sorry grandma but I love you <3
The interior of the restaurant is pretty classy I would say and also pretty simple.
The selection of food is not that big, so.. we ended up just order few items.

After that.. we quickly decide what we want to order and call the server and proceed to order. Couple of minutes later our drink came first and the food itself wasn’t really take a long time to be served for us which is another bonus for the fast services.

What we order are.. char siew pao, siomay, and other things that I forgot the name of it.
As you can see from the above picture, the portion of the food is pretty small so you need to order a lot more if you come in a big size of a group.
This rice wrap menu come with a sauce that you need to pour it over the rice wrap because it would be bland without the sauce.
Overall the taste are damn good! The pao is really soft in the middle and crispy at the outside. When you break it apart, it was just as soft as a cloud. The filling itself is in the perfect size, not too little or too much. It’s really in balance with the dough.
What I disappoint about the food is the portion LOL. But I know that every dimsum portion is really tiny little bit just like when you dine in some fine dining. So.. For those people who wanted to try this restaurant because its famous.. You better try it because its 100% worth the space in your tummy and also your money! I definitely recommend this to everyone to try, simple because the food is nice and the service are lovely!
Last thing. Group shot!
meanwhile... talking about anti social LOL