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Born in 2 January, on a small town called Bandar Lampung. Here I am, just a simple girl who was born and raised with a lovely parents on earth. Studied make up on 2009 in Cosmoproof for half year and end up to continue study Banking Finance and Financial Risk in Sunway University. Having a random life which end up with millions of story and experience that I have never though I would go through it before. Now just continue to enjoy my life to the fullest and take every experience as a bless! ^_^

56 Facts About Me

1.     I LOVE salty food!
2.     I had my braces back then when I’m in my senior high school.
3.     I have one tattoo and would love to adding a new one.
4.     I have 3 piercing on my left ear and 2 piercing on my right ear.
5.     My dream country would be Australia.
6.     When I was a child, I want to have western husband so my children will become pretty/handsome because mix blood. Lol.
7.     I like to watch horror, comedy and action movie.
8.     My favorite asian actor will be Jackie Chan.
9.     8 is my favorite number.
10.  I love doing nothing LOL.
11.  The only things that make me motivated to strive my goal is my Dad.
12.  I LOVE my dad more than anything in this world.
13.  My worst year will be 2012 when my dad past away…
14.  I want to have a twin baby once I got married.
15.  I like to dance.
16.  I like to spend my time to surf the internet and listen to a song.
17.  I want to make my parents proud of me.
18.  I like cheese.
19.  I would love to learn dance from a western professional dancer.
20.  Becoming a dancer and makeup artist are my dream.
21.  I am a member of cheerleader in my senior high school.
22.  I have win several competition back then in senior high school.
23.  I join drum band with holding a snare in middle high school.
24.  I was a really shy girl in my middle high school time.
25.  My first love is the president of my senior high school organization.
26.  I would love to travel around the world.
27.  I learn Chinese (mandarin) by myself through watching Taiwan movie. Lol.
2   28.  I won’t feel embarrassed even I work in a low position as long as I like the work that I am doing.
29.  I always hide my true feelings and pretend to not care.
30.  I’m anti social.
31.  Once I’m done with a relationship, there is no such thing as SECOND CHANCE or getting back together. Because I believe what is done, is done. Getting back together only bring the same mistake twice.
32.  My favorite cartoon would be Spongebob Squarepants.
33.  I just have few friends around me.
34.  I like to cook!
35.  I would have my graduation next year March 2014 :3
36.  My father almost allows me to go to Korea, as I want to pursue becoming a dancer in there. LOLOL.
37.  I have 3 siblings.
38.  My height is 149cm and I always am the shortest among my friend.
39.  My blood type is B.
40.  I once fall down from slide when I am in my kindergarten.
41.  I receive stitch 3 times on my forehead, which leave a mark that can’t be vanished until now.
42.  Back then; wearing glasses is a cool thing so I try to make a damage on my eye by watching television really near. *smh*
43.  When I was a kid, my little sister and I will always have same clothes and same hairstyle everytime we going out on a holiday.
44.  I am having my first part time when I am pursuing my diploma in Singapore.
45.  Having a part time in my college time based on curiosity and fill in the time gaps that I have.
46.  I like to shop VERY MUCH.
47.  I love CARBS especially rice and bread! I could eat it all day long.
48.  I was a Ragnarok Online freak back then.
49.  My dream is to have long leg and thick hair.
5   50.  I have a really high cholesterol that need to be controlled :|
51.  I miss my dad so much.
52.  I love my family!
53.  My original hair color was auburn.
55.  My dream wedding ring would be from Tiffany & Co.
56.  I will be SUPER DUPER shy at first when meeting new people. But will become crazy once I get close with them.

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