Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Black Canyon Coffee

Soooooo.. last time my sister decided to go to Johor Bahru and ask me whether I want to follow or not. I just decide to follow as I don't have anything to do haha. So here I am following this family which going to Aeon in Johor Bahru. We reach there and buy the movie ticket, we watch Jack Reacher by the way. And then we go eat to spent the time while waiting for the movie. My brother in law decide to eat in secret recipe with my niece while me and my sister heading to other place.

Black Canyon

here is the pasta that I order. the taste is so so only

and what my sister order. curry something I forget the name haha but it taste nicee~

This restaurant sell different kind of things. It like the mix of chinese and western culture. The menu also include steak, tom yam etc. I bet my *ehem* boyfriend will gonna like this place as he like to drink coffee :3. Overall the food is okay... what I like among all is the drink haha!

Black Canyon Coffee

2nd Floor, Pasaraya Jayajusco, Jln Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.
07-354 4328

Singapore Food!

I spent most of the holiday in Malaysia and few weeks in Singapore. So here is the picture of the food that I miss so much! I mostly eat this thing when I'm in Singapore.

Have been craving this for long time cause curious how it taste like. This place always full of people queuing to buy this noodle and it taste.... just normal, nothing special -__- 

favorite store to buy bubble tea! hence this is the most famous bubble tea in Singapore as everytime when I want to buy, always full of people queuing also!

I'm a ramen maniac. I would love to eat all the ramen shop to taste it and to discover which one is the best one that I ever ate haha

Lemme introduce you to one and only.... little monster Rachel!


 I'm hungry mommyyy

And then next shop is Indonesian shop! I like to go to this shop when I was in my hometown to eat their es teler. I really love their es teler. So yummehhhh

Also trying this dough stall thingy. Many people buy this thing so I curious what the taste like lol. And it was just a normal bread thingy actually -__-

and last but not least... my favorite snack shop!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gochujang Tomyam Mee Hoon

This few days I really lazy to go anywhere. I would rather not eat then have to go somewhere just to buy food haha. So today suddenly I want to cook something. Based on what I have at home which are tomyam mee hoon, egg and other ingredient so I decided to just cook it. Here are the step!

gochujang (red pepper soy paste), tom yam mee hoon, eggs and seaweed

cook the mee hoon, rinse and put the mee hoon on the plate first

prepare the eggs and season it

fry the eggs until your desire form and put some water (too much egg -___-)

put the mee hoon back

put the tom yam season

put gochujang

top up with some seaweed

I'm not a professional so... yeaaaaa. Its not that nice but also not that bad tho... As long as I can eat it then should consider it as nice right? HAHAHA. Here it is my gochujang tomyam mee hoon! :3

Yamagoya Ramen Publika

Bor... bore... bored.. Thats what on my head everyday. I got nothing to do lately. Got working for two days and immediately quit afterwards because feels not worth my time haha. I would rather do nothing at home and enjoy my time lol. I have been craving for ramen lately.. actually I crave for everything because of my dammit pms. I always become actively moody and want to eat everything when I'm about to having my period and when I'm on my period *sigh*. I crave for it so bad until I go far away to Publika only to eat ramen... nonsense -__-. Don't ever mess up with girl in period cause they can do anything to get what they want lol.

So here I am on the way there.. me and my friend waiting for one hour plus until then we just know the bus that heading to Publika was not on service that they #berrygooseeee!!. Then we should take other direction which make us lost to even further away...

So here we are taking the ktm to Segambut so then from there we can take U7 bus to go Publika. We don't even have any idea what place Segambut is haha. So.. we reach Segambut and... what is the first thing that we see? GRAVE.. GRAVE YARD!!! wtf. I will be freak out if it was on night time! Luckily its still afternoon.

After many hours of struggles.. we finally reach Publika and straight away go to Yamagoya cause we are freaking hungry already -___-

The Interior

they make the noodle with machine only at Yamagoya Ramen!

the menu.. look so tempting right!

So here is what I order that day... Mukashi special ramen

and what my friend order.. stir fry vegetable

and..... time to eat eat eat!!

the finish look of our food... jengjengjeng!!

As we are freaking hungry cause we only reach there like about 7pm already and we not yet eat since morning... So after that I continue my journey to buy snack and drink lolol. Starving girl on period mode. Actually I prefer Santouka Ramen in Pavillion cause for me, the taste is better than this one. This ramen taste a little bit salty for the soup. And there is no special thing about this ramen. The only thing that I like about this ramen is only the egg and the char siu hahaha.

sweet plum potato fries!

don't feel like eating pearl that day.. so I order the plain milk tea :3

the result is.. satisfied happy girl at home!

andddddddddd.... jerk face!!


Yamagoya Ramen
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-6206 2220
Business Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am to 10pm;
Friday to Sunday 10am to 11pm.
Facebook: Yamagoya Ramen Kuala Lumpur