Saturday, November 22, 2014


This cozy place located near gongguan night market, Taiwan. One thing you notice when you go inside the place is it really feels like you’re at your own home! The place included some area that looks like living room with the sofa, book shelves, magazine, books, novel and the interior really make you feel like you just want to stay there and don’t want to go home!
The coffee itself a little bit pricey for my pocket as for a cup of hazelnut cappuccino you need to spend 150NTD. But it was worth the price for me! You can enjoy your time while taking a break or doing you homework. In here also got a lot of plug so you can bring your laptop and play in there! The coffee really has a strong fragrance and the taste also not to bitter and not too sweet which is perfect for my taste bud!
The service also nice as the server really friendly and will not rush you to order in a flash. We also order tea and cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll is amazing! It will make you want to eat more and more. It’s in a balance flavor for me, which is not to sweet and not to bland. For the portion, kind of small for me but compare with the price I think it makes sense because it’s only 80NTD. The tea is a mix of tea and milk, which is a really good combination, and they serve it with a cut mug and pot as well! For this cup of tea we need to spend 170NTD which for me is a little expensive..
Do drop by and taste their amazing dish! Oh by the way if you wanted a meal to make your stomach full, this place is not an option as they only sell tea, coffee and bread :)

Taipei, Taiwan

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dubujib PIK

If you craving for a really good Korean food you can head up to this restaurant. This restaurant located at Pantai Indah Kapuk or PIK. I have tried another Korean restaurant and this restaurant is the best Korean food I've ever tried so far. It's not even a month but I've gone to the restaurant for 4th times lolol.

If you go there, you MUST order the sundubu soup and bbq samgyupsal. I swear the taste was damn good! You will gonna love it and order it again for sure hehe. The restaurant itself is really clean and cozy. Most of the furniture in here consist of wood material :)

So here is what you got for the side this. After you choosing the menu, the waitress will immediately bring the side this for you. I really enjoy all the side dish becuase all taste really good! And talking about a free food.. lolol.

And here is what I order!

The original consist of tofu and vegetable. There are another choice too which one of them is the combo sundubu which consist of seafood, tofu and beef. I've tried both and both really taste nice and make you feel addicted to want it more and more. You need to try this while its hot because the flavour really kicking in while its hot :). Price for the original is 50k++ and the combo is 70++


This one actually we order the wrong one because my sister can't remember which one she order last time she went there -_-. The taste is okay tho.. but like.. not really got a taste hehe. Compare to this one, the bbq samgyupsal is freaking amazing! The meat itself is really tender, juicy and rich of flavour too. Okay I'm really drooling to have it right now T_T. I will say that the bbq samgyupsal was the best samgyupsal I have ever eat so far. HIGHLY recommend to eat in here! Bring your friend along and go here to eat. You won't be disappoint by the food or the service because all just perfect hehe. Oh I'm sorr I don't have the picture of the bbq samgyupsal because I can't hold it to see that amazing thing and just straight away eat it HAHA.

After you finish all your food, they will bring you a complementary food too such as fried sweet potato and makgoelli :). Head to there soon and you won't regret anything hehe. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Hellooo guys long time not blogging! heheh. Been busy quite a while now being a stay at home lady lol.. andd yesterday was quite fun as I need to take care my things so, I need to go out (like finally) and finish the things that need to be done!

Because the place that I need to finish all the work is near Pantai Indah Kapuk, or us Indonesian called it as PIK so I decided to eat in there and trying the new happening place that need to be tried haha. I've been seeing quite a lot people uploading a picture of this bak kut teh through instagram so I say to myself let's try that awesome bak kut teh!

Reaching the place, its almost a full house.. maybe its all because it was a lunch time. Arrived in there and the server will asking you how many people you are with and will handing you the menu list. I'm waiting for about 5-10minutes and finally got a seat for me and my fellas.

This restaurant don't really have things to choose as it basically only got pork soup, pork intestine (errr...), dough fritters.. and we decide to order the pork soup and dough fritters. But goddamit the fritters was out of stock right before we want to order it! Damn..

So here is my order everybodeehh!

Look at that pork ribs. Dayumm..

Okay actually the taste not that awesome.. like you know, in the tv commercial when you it eat and you squish your face in the surprise expression and say "oh my goodness this is so goodd". Meh.. it's good tho. But not that great. If you get what I mean.. hahah. The soup taste just like a combination of saltiness and garlicky which is quite nice. But it won't taste that nice once it turned into a cold soup. So you better drink the soup while it's freaking hot lolol. Oh btw you can refill the soup! Just ask for it with the server, or you also can ask it with an awkward hand gesture like when you wanna ask them to refill your drink. Thats how I ask mine actually because I don't know what to say. Luckily they understand and mumbling.. oh.. soup? HAHA.

As for the pork ribs itself, it's really tender and really easy to pull the meat from the bone. Anyway.. compare to the bak kut teh that I had when I'm in Malaysia, in there was more nicer than this one. Because there you can choose between dry bak kut teh or soup bak kut teh and the soup itself really taste herbal which I found is healthy for me haha.

Andd for the drink.. you MUST try the milk tea or teh tarik because the taste nearly the same with the one in Malaysia!! Wohoo.. I really miss the heavy taste of milk tea back in Malaysia T_T

Anyways.. do check them out. The place is near the seven eleven and its located in the 2nd floor if I'm not wrong.

For me it was.. 8/10 whoop whoop!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bakmi A-Paw

If you are craving for tasty bakmi ayam or pangsit, you can go to this place. This place is like a little stall in the market, or we Indonesian called it "pasar". Just beside the meat and fish station, you can find this bakmi place called Bakmi Jambi A-Paw.

The menu in here actually quite a lot which consist of pangsit or dumplings, mie ayam, mie besar, bihun etc etc which I don't know what other else name is lol. So when I go there, I always order the pangsit or bakmi. The bakmi itself got 2 type which are bakmi with pork (noodle with pork) or mie ayam (noodle with chicken).

I don't know if you can tell or not, but there is a lot of minced pork right there.. with some of slices pork as well. I've never ever eat bakmi nor pangsit with a hella lot of meat like this. The pangsit itself really delicious!! I kid' you not! Hands down the best pangsit I've ever eaten in my whole life #okesip

The pangsit or dumplings soup taste like heaven. Normally the soup will be bland and sometimes I need to add pepper or salt into it. But this one is in a perfect taste! And inside the dumplings you will find pork lard, roasted pork and the minced pork combines in one ball just like a meatball, but this one is porkball *badumtss*

Where is this at? Just go to Summarecon Mall Serpong pasar (market) and go to the meat station and then, just on your right side you can find this place. Happy food happy tummy yeay!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Holycow Steak

Remember the review of Loobie Lobster last time? Here is the review of their other branch as well.. which specialise on steak. The place are more larger than Loobie Lobster tho... and the crowded customer seems to haunting this place as well. Good job! :)

The restaurant itself really cozy and mostly dominant with red and white color. The place also really clean and have quite big parking.

As you can see.. its quite crowded already. Luckily when we arrived there is still not that packed yet. As usual, I have done a research first for what is the best thing in there.. meanwhile.. because I really craving for medium rare steak, so I order rib eye medium rare. As for M, he order tenderloin steak.. also medium rare lol.

The rib eye steak is as juicy as you can tell by the picture. Its really tender and easily to cut. The temperature also in a good balance which I ask.. medium rare. Ugh I really want to eat this again right now! For M steak, its a bit tough for me.. and for him as well. So, for you who searching for a tender yet juicy steak, maybe you can order like mine.. which is rib eye. The best seller in there is also wagyu steak if I'm not mistaken. But its quite pricey so I prefer to order the rib eye lol. You can also choose the sauce to your preference.. and also adding mustard or chilli sauce if you think thats a need. Don't forget to choose the side dish diligently! Cause don't you dare thinking the spinach side dish is not nice, because it is very nice I swear! Additionally, its also healthy and anyways if you choose the fries already.. you have to choose vegetable to combine with the fries so it can be a balance diet, thats I think.. hahaha.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I've been wondering what so fantastic about laduree macaroon compare to other macaroon? I'm definitely not a sweet tooth person but, I just curious how amazing this macaroon taste like. So I'm heading over to Takashimaya, Orchard just to buy this macaroon and hopefully its worth it compare to how hot and sunny it is when I'm about to go there *finger crossed*

I come over to like... the stall one cause I accidentally bumped to it. So.. here it is!

The store itself pretty eye catching because the lighting and the decoration. It seems classy yet elegant in some way that can't be explain. When I reached there, some people surrounded the store just to take a picture of the macaroon or the store. Some people also asking about the macaroon prices etc.

Cause I'm pretty stiff of all things, I have done a research first before getting there. Just to know the prices and the flavour as well. So I immediately go to the cashier and tell what flavour that I want and how many macaroon that I would choose.

As you can see, they sell other stuff as well apart of the macaroon. They sell handbag, tea, candle and also key chain. The key chain itself is pretty expensive tho... for a key chain of laduree you have to pay S$78. Like.. wow! Damn I would love to spend those quite large amount of money to buy clothes instead lol. Macaroon price is S$3.8 each. You can either buy 6 macaroons and get the long type of box for S$32 or buy 8 macaroons and get the square box for S$38. I ended buying 8 macaroons cause I had plenty flavour that I would loved to taste :)
You can also buy 1-3 macaroon but you only get a paper bag. They also selling gold macaroon which cost you for S$7.80. If you don't mind to spend those money for only 1 macaroon so.. go on. But for me is a NO. Like.. one second and PUFF! S$7.80 is gone. Phew.

For the macaroon shell : its quite fragile and soft. Like from the first bite then you need to be careful or else, the rest of macaroon will be torn to pieces.

Macaroon ganache : soft and fluffy and yet sticky for some flavour.

For the macaroon taste..

Rose Petal : they said this one is the best seller. But the taste is pretty unique.. I can't tell what it taste like. Cause it's like the most random flavour I've ever taste. From 5 point, I will give it a 2.

Pistachio : this one have a strong flavour and I kinda like it! Not a big fan of pistachio tho.. but this one is okay for me. This one I will give a 3 point.

Marie Antoinette : okay this one also a strange flavour that I can't describe. It's like just a sweet taste without a unique flavour or something. So I will give it a 2 point.

Salted Caramel : hands down this is the best from the rest macaroon flavour that I buy!! Should buy this one instead the other things! 4 out of 5 for sure.