Friday, April 24, 2015

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack Review

Another mask review just for you guys! Okay so for today I will talk about Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack. As you can tell, this is a sample size and I got it when I bought other Laneige products.
Here is the look when I wear the mask, so you can know the consistency of the mask, as well as the look of the mask when you apply it on your face. The mask is a bit runnier than other masks that I have used, as it is a light gel kind of texture.
creepy smile to freak you out
Here is the thing… I LOVE strawberry andd this mask give you a really strong smell like the normal strawberry yogurt that makes you want to lick the mask on your face or even just eat it lol. I really love the smell and I bet you guys will love it too like I do! So.. be prepare for that~ haha

I leave the mask for about 30 minutes and rinse it of with warm water. This product is amazing! It did brighten my face, and didn’t break me out. It also didn’t make my face feels like burning like some other mask do. This mask also makes my face moisturized and feels fresh even if I don’t use moisturizer.
Maybe you can’t tell that my face is looks brighter than before as I forgot to take a picture of the before face and also the poor quality of camera.. I’m really sorry for that -.- BUT as you can see, even my room is kind of dark but my face still shine bright like a diamond lol wtf.

So for those who want to achieve a more brighter face, you definitely need to try this product. Like wise.. If you never try, you will never know how good is this product hehe :p

Will I purchase the product?
I will! But I wouldn’t do it in the meantime since it is kinda pricey.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque Review

Do you suffer from blackhead and massive pimple? If you do, you are at the same path like me. I suffer from large pores, pimple, blackhead since forever and have been searching for the cure to this problem. I know that retin-A is good to reduce the large pores but for retin-A product, I can only find a brand that is expensive and I can’t afford to buy it yet and also for pimple, its really hard to find benzoyl peroxide 2.5% here in Indonesia. So I search for another product that can solve my problem which is… Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.
Maybe most of you guys already know this product but.. let me give you my experience using this product~

How to apply?
Just spread it all over your face (avoiding eye area). You can apply it thick or thin because a little amount will also do the job, don’t worry!

After you apply, you will have a tingling or cooling sensation, which is normal because I also experiencing that thing. Then you have to wait for 15 minutes. For me, normally I will leave it longer like… 30 minutes or 1 hour so the masks can dry completely lol.

Rinse it with warm water and.. TARAA!! For me, after I used the mask my pores will become smaller than before and for blackhead, after I use the mask, my blackhead suddenly disappear because the greatness of this mask. Thank you mask!!

And also this mask can help you dry out your pimple. This is the perfect way if the next day you will have a date or important meeting and suddenly the day before you have a big pimple. This mask can dry out your pimple and make it smaller. Even my sister loves it because it helps with her pimple!

You can use it maximum twice per week I guess because this mask not really good if you use it too much. I will use this mask once a week because I just don’t want put this mask too often.
Note: sorry I hope it won’t gross you out :\
       - AFTER -
As you can see.. before using the product, my pores really have so many blackheads until it appear really black and also my pimple looks more red. After using it, my pore become less visible and also looks smaller than before. My pimple also become dry and the next day I found that my pimple just flaking by itself. How cool was that huh?

Will I repurchase?
Yes because its amazing mask and suit for my skin. Also it takes forever to finish this entire mask. Maybe no just because its kind of hard to find this mask in Indonesia so I don’t want to risk it when I already fall in love with this mask and my face already get used to using this mask often and I can’t find it in here. It will be sucks :\

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

3CE Daily Girl Lipstick Review

I’m sure you guys might know this product that I want to talk about. Its 3CE product! Yes yes, here in Indonesia it’s kind of a booming right now and everyone talk about it. This brand have a lot of range start from eyeliner, lipstick, lip tint, powder, compact powder, eyeshadow, foundation, blush on, nail polish even primer!

Last time I bought two products which are lipstick and lip tint, but for today I will talk about their lipsptick~ I bought their lipstik number 506 which is DAILY GIRL, and like what the name is.. Its perfect to use it in your daily life! I always used this one when I want to go to college and also when I’m going out.
If you are wondering which store did I bought this product from, I bought this at SOGO Taiwan which carry all of this item but more pricey than 86store at Shida Night Market. So, I will recommend you to go to 86store first before go straight to SOGO because the different price is up to NTD100++ which is quiet a lot!

It’s perfect apricot nude colors that will suit any color of clothing that you used. I will carry this baby in my bag because I can use it anytime without too much color on my lips, which is perfect because I don’t really like a bold color. Well, at some occasion I do like it.. But most of the time I prefer the nude one.

The consistency of this color is really good because it won’t make your dry lips become flaky, as this lipstick will moisturize your lips. This lipstick for me its like a combination of lipstick and lip balm because it can easily glide on my lips which I really like.

The cool thing about this is, on every application.. The color also change. Example, if I use it in a dab motion, the color will be light pink but as I glide it all over my lips, the color will turns out as apricot. AWESOME! I swear it looks more good I real life than in the picture.

The downside only for the price I guess because it’s a little bit pricey compare to other brand, which is really famous like MAC. But all and all it’s really worth the money.

Friday, April 17, 2015

L'oreal Base Magique Review

Do you know that primer is important when you applying your makeup? Primer can make your makeup stay longer and make it more matte! As for this primer that I want to talk about, this primer can cover up your pores and make it invisible.
I won't say that the price is expensive or cheap, but most importantly its worth the price. For this small tube, I have to pay RM 60++ or equal to IDR 180,000++ which is.. not bad right? 
Here is the overview of the product:
The consistency more like a paste dough. It's not creamy also not in liquid form which is good because its easy to apply and also absorb to your skin quite quick.
My Experience:
When I use this product, I just take a little bit and rub it between my ring finger to make it more easier to apply and to melt it a little bit. I dot it into my face and then spread it all over my face. Before using this product, my face usually still feel oily or some sort of that feelings, but after using this product my face immediately become matte and also it cover my big pores! LUV IT!! This product also can hold your makeup whole day without being oily, its the only primer that works for my oily skin so far and its my second tube already hehe.
Can you see the difference? In the second picture I looked like having foundation or powder right? In fact I just using the primer hehe.
So far there is nothing bad going on to me when I use this product, so.. hands down my HG primer!
Where to buy?
You can easily find this product in drug store such as guardian, watson, century. I buy it in Malaysia, but I think I ever saw it in guardian or watson Indonesia. Do check 'em out at the store and you won't regret it!

Gizi Super Cream Review (Sponsored)

Hi guys! Its been a while since the last time I write something on my blog. Today I will discuss about this product called Gizi Super Cream (GSC): Secret of Seaweed. This product exist since 1972 which means its already been 43 years! My mom also using this product before, but because its really hard to find this product anywhere, my mom stop using it.. BUT now its back in the store! Other than store, you can also buy it through online which is really convenient if you are really busy.
Last time when my mom still using it, they consist of 4 ingredients, but now they adding more 3 ingredients to the product which consist of:
               Soya Bean
               Aloe Vera
All which are natural ingredients and also using an authentic Indonesian traditional herbs that is good for your skin. And.. don’t worry if you are Muslim because this product is halal so.. What are you waiting for girls? *wink wink*

This product that I have consist of night/day cream, cleanser and sunblock. So I start to use this product since 24 March 2015. Until by the time I write this which is 8 April 2015. Its been 16 days since I first using this product, so lets see my review and the result!
For the cleanser. First time I try it, woah….! Smells really nice and after I clean it up, my face not become so dry or oily. Its ngam ngam which means my face become supple and moisture. I like it!

 Also it didn’t sting my eyes unlike the other brand. I ever tried many brand and most of it sting my eyes like cray cray. I really don’t like it because it burn my eyes.
For the night cream. The consistency a little bit weird for me. Its not thick and not thin. When you spread it on your face, you have to spread it really well or else it will form into white cream on your face. Whenever I applied this cream, I just pat it to my face so it can blend well with my skin color. After I apply this, I always feel sting sensation for a couple of minutes.. Maybe the product start to work on my skin. The cool thing about this cream is… AFTER I USE IT FOR THE FIRST TIME, I CAN IMMEDIATELY SEE MY FACE BECOME WHITER. Say WHATTT??!!
I also can’t believe it with my eyes! My complexion is more on the reddish side than clear. So after a few minutes I apply the cream, me myself for no reason look at a mirror and see my face become whiter! My red face is suddenly calm down to become more like a natural look. Thank you GIZI!! I WOF YOU!

Other things I love about this cream is that this cream helps my blackhead to disappear like O.M.G! Never in my life I see my pores really clear before. After using this cream, I feel like something strange with face because suddenly there is something white when I touch my face, but the apparently its my blackhead that is come out without I do something!

I desperately want to find a product that can help me with my blackhead before, but now I can relax already because I find you GIZI cream~ Aw yeaaa

Added bonus to the cream is they are using Hi-Technology, which is nano that can make you face more smooth, plumper and easily absorb to the skin. When I used this cream, I rarely see my face become oily compare to other Indonesian brand that I ever used before.
Last but not least is the sunblock. This sunblock contain SPF 18. Whenever I used this product, feels like I don’t need to wear my foundation anymore because my faces already become white after using this product. This product is more like a primer for my makeup. I like it even though it got a little bit fragrant in it (on a good side) because it smells good!
Same like the night cream, the consistency for this cream is not thick or thin. You have to spread it evenly to your skin or else it won’t blend well to your skin. I’m using my patting motion again to apply this cream. It also doesn’t make my skin oily which is an added bonus for me~

I can see my face become less red, my pimple and blackhead disappear because all thanks to this product. Even only after few days I can see the result already which makes me fall in love with this product even more~

Will I repurchase?

2 . Natural Ingredients
3Smells Good
4Good size for traveling (easy to pack)
5Diminish my pores, blackhead, pimple and redness
6Not sticky
7Doesn't make my face become oily

1. Hard to blend

2. A little bit stings when I applied it to my face