Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Review!

Hi guys~ just want to share you my acne story.. a couple months ago before using, I have many pimples in my forehead, cheeks and chin :( . My chin totally horrendous especially when I got my period. So I decide to buying this baby as many people say this really work and help to clear you face!

The kit come with cleanser, moisturizer, AHA+, treatment (2.5% benzoyl peroxide) and jojoba oil.


How to use?
put just a little amount on your palm and give a bit of water. make a bubble of it and massage through out your face not more than 10 seconds! you have to cleans with this 10 second or less.

TREATMENT (2.5% benzoyl peroxide)

just use a little bit of this on your problem area. as for me is on the forehead and chin. Remember not put too much of this product as it can dry out your skin, and using this a little bit also will do a good job to your skin =)


after you using the treatment, you need to give moisturizer to your skin as your skin will become more dry later. you can use any moisturizer but for me, as I buy the complete kit.. so I just use this moisturizer that comes in one set =)


this product will make you complexion even better! you can change your morning moisturizer with this one after one month using the kit.


how to use this?
put a few drop on your moisturizer and you are ready to go! this might be gross to you as it will make you face more oily. but trust me, it did a really good job to your skin and doesn't clog pores either.. so just give it a shoot =)

Here is my picture before using the kit:

My skin was uneven and I have like a red blemishes all over my face. I am not even confident at all if going out without put my make up on :( . I have many small pimples in my forehead. You can't see it but you can feel it whenever you touch my forehead and it make me embarrassed if someone accidentally touch my forehead :(

well.. but thats the past! now here is my picture after a month using this kit!

now my skin is getting better and better each day! and I am not embarrassed anymore even I am not having my make up on :D . I just have a big pimple now when I got my period, but when I don't.. I have a really clear skin yeaayy~~ My skin looks even now and no more blemishes anymore ^^

and here is for more review of the product:

Hope this post can help you guys to also help your problems :D


If have any question just leave a comment below and I would really happy to answer your question ^^~



  1. Berapa lama sampai membuahkan hasil sis?

  2. Pertanyaan sama nih sama mui.. Butuh brp lama ?

    1. ini aku baru pake sebulan udah ada hasil sis =)

  3. Wah ini yang aku cari-cari ,berapaan dan dimana belinya sis?

    1. aku nitip orang gitu belinya. ato kamu bisa langsung beli dr websitenya
      harganya kalo ga salah inget sekitar 1jtan sis

    2. Itu indonesia punya atau gimana ya sis? soalnya kebanyakan pake paypal sih :| hehehe thankyou sis

    3. san fransisco sis. makanya aku pake jasa org gitu jd pesen dr dia ntar dia tnggal convert dan aku tinggal bayar =)

  4. hai sis, km skrg masih pake nya?ak mau beli takut merah2 n ga cocok soalnya kan ada bp nya.

    1. skrg udh ga lg soalnya udah abis dan susah belinya :( tp kalo udah bisa beli sih definitely bakal beli lg hehe

  5. hi sis, aku baru order dan dapet surat dari bea cukai untuk melengkapi persyaratan SKI BPOM No.27 Thn 2013. Apakah dulu mengalami hal yang serupa? Ditunggu responsnya.

    1. Hi Sis, aku baru beli dapet surat bea cukai juga. Dulu kamu apakah bisa dapetin barangnya daru Cukai kah ?? atau harus di retur ke penjual? Kabarin ya sayyy.

    2. Kak akhirnya gimana beli produknya yg terkendala bea cukai?
      Mohon infonya

  6. Hi there!

    Does this lighten up acne scars as well? :)

  7. Itu bp nya dipake ke problem area doank ya? Bukan ke seluruh wajah ya? Trus kamu msh pakai? Kalo uda ga pakai bs naik lagi gak jerawatnya?


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