Saturday, June 22, 2013

Epure Membranous Jelly Masque Review

Hi guys!! Long time never updating this blog. Recently been busy with my college exam and finally its over already yey!!
So today will be talking about Epure Membran Jell. This stuff is simply amazing. I know this because many bloggers using it and apparently this stuff is popular here in Malaysia =) . So I have already tested it and wow it’s so great! After using it my skin feel soo much smoother and brighter. My face also because plumper and feels like baby skin, no joke!
So here is the picture of before and after. I don’t edit the picture at all and the lighting is still the same. You can see there is a difference of my skin, which is become fairer than before. And after using it the blackhead will be reduce also =)

How to use it:

First you need to clean your face, obviously. After that put your toner. In here I’m using my witch hazel pore perfecting toner then follow by hada labo moisturizing lotion. Then I will leave it for a while and wait until dry. And then apply this Epure Membran Jell and leave it for 40 minutes. Actually I will leave it for 60 minutes cause I think it will give me a better result lol. After that you just rinse it~ It quite hard to rinse it though as it is a gel type. So if you don’t want to make it troublesome, use it before you want to take shower. So you can rinse it while you having your shower :D



left is before and right is after