Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cindy Karmoko The Hippie Gone Mad

Hey bloggers long time no see! Well its been really long since I have blog last time. Recently i seldom write a post cause busy with college stuff and blabla so here's the thing, I'm playing twitter and other things and guess what? I found that Cindy Karmoko is giving away versace H&M tee yey!
She got post it on her blog which you can see from .

I totally excited for this one as I never join this kind of things before in my life lol. Cindy Karmoko is a fashion lover who now continuing her study at Milan (wow cool isn't it?). So apparently she made this kind of give away for us, the blogger who want to get the versace tees. Basically the tee is just awesome! Kind of hippie edge dress which full of color that dominate with green color which i love it so much! Cindy Karmoko style in the picture also fab as always. She wearing the tee with H&M necklace, gifted bracelet-africa, fareast-belt,charles jordan-sunnies which makes the look to be more fab! Okay actually even she wear simple things also look fab because her appearance are just cool enough to impress people <3

Here is the picture of her wearing those all of things.

Cool isn't it? (Y)
Why I should win this competition? Because I am basically just mad to get this versace tee! Like in Cindy Karmoko say Green with Envy, I will be envy if other people get this Green tees rather than me lol. I'm also put so much passion for this competition like hopefully I can win this challenge *fingercrossed*
So basically I will just pray hope I can win this competition. And good luck for the others too who join this competition! Xx.
P.s : I am not that good at writing a blog so I hope you guys still enjoy while reading it :)