Saturday, June 18, 2016

How I Clear Up My Acne In One Week!

This is not a sponsored video. Just my honest review about this product. Honestly, if you watch my other video you will know that I got this product for free from Beauty Bound Asia. But they did not ask us for a review or anything. This is just my gratitude because this product helps me a lot through out my acne problem. I really thank God that I can receive this product in the perfect time lol.

Halo semuaa~ Kali ini aku mau bagi2 tips gimana cara aku menghilangkan jerawat membandel yang susah banget dihilangin sampai aku hampir frustasi haha. Oh iya review ini 100% review jujur aku tanpa dibayar atau apapun yah~ Meskipun produk ini aku dapat secara cuma2 tapi aku mau membantu kalian agar ga jadi stress kyk aku lol :p

Play video below for English Version

Mainkan video di bawah ini untuk Versi Indonesia


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