Sunday, February 26, 2012


Heyy long time not blogging! Anyway today I go to the cozy cupcake shop which is at Damansara with my friend. All I can say when I enter the shop is.. Awesome! Really a lovely place with a cute decoration. Check this out!

Here is the beside of the store. The name is Cuppacakes. My friend say it was one store with the Wondermilk. I think they produce the cupcakes in this store and then move it to Wondermilk to sell it to the customer.

Oh yeah. Before that, I want to tell a story that my friend car is out of battery when we just arrive in there. Thank God it not stop in the middle of nowhere cause we will probably don't know what to do haha. It was said that there is some spike in the tire that make it out of air. And the battery of the car also run out already, so my friend have to pay a lot of money to repair the car (pitty her :\).

So after that me and friend just go inside the shop while waiting for the car to be fixed :p. Here are the picture of the cakes.

One of my favorite! Keroppi <3 <3

The menu

The decoration

Finally, here are the things that we order. Butterscotch milk is a must! It taste damn good and make you wanna drink it more and more. You gotta trust me! lol.

Elmo cakeee, make my tongue and lips become blue color -.- . Until other people see me like.. uhm.. *bad poker face* haha.

Okay today I'm trying to be healthy and eating salad.. even I dislike it (eww). And this was tuna presto fresh salad if I'm not mistaken. The taste was ok, but because I like salty food so I end up by adding extra salt as many as I wish to it hahaha. I don't care if it is unhealthy, but it taste nicer when you adding some salt in it. You gotta try it sometime haha.

Lucky number 5! Yes, we got this when we order the food.

 Narsis time start! As none of my friend want to take a picture, so yeah.. I just got a picture of mine only. Don't blame me please hahaha.

Eating salad, trying to be a healthy person haha.

The vintage side

Trying to acting cute *fail*

And finally, we should go back now as we finish our food already. And as usual I'm the last person who finish eating -_- . Paiseh paiseh.

Anddd ta-da! I ta pao the marshmallow chocolate cupcake and foxy red velvet. Both is yummy! :9


  1. Ahhhh i love cupcakes too.. your post is so cute.. love it <3


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