Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where To Go In Melaka

Seeing the picture I want to post right now make me drooling over the food already. lol. But seriously, the thing you should eat when you are in Melaka is definitely the popiah! Best popiah I have ever tried in my life. It was consist of pork lard, raddish, and other delicious thing that I don't know what the hell is that haha. You can find this popiah in front.. I forget the name of the store already.. but you can google it anyway haha. It is an open truck store. Here is the sneak peak. Oh yea.. and the name of the shop is Fat Man Popiah.

1. Fat Man Popiah

First reach there I was like.. wth do I order this? Cause everyone just stand behind them and do nothing. Somemore the girl who selling it talk in chinese. I was stoned in there for a while. I need to wait for my bf and ask him to order haha.

Oh.. and the first thing we reach Melaka, we go eat this satay. Pork satay. Comment for it.. um.. not that nice, it was okay only. I though it would be really delicious as I google it, it was say the best pork satay in there. Bleh.. don't really believe on other people comment haha.

2. Satay Xiang Ji

 3. Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

See that queue? Yep. You must face this kind of queue if you want to eat in this place. I am queueing for about 1 hour if I am not mistaken. And comment for the food? It was like a normal chicken rice. The different only this rice is in a ball shape. And the chicken also taste normal. Chicken rice near my college is nicer than this one for my liking. If you wonder which shop did I mention, the name of the shop is "Garlic Roast Chicken Rice'. Its at the side gate of Sunway College. Do try to eat in there and let me know what you think! hehe.

4. Putu Piring

Yup. If you go to find it on Sunday, it is you unlucky day. And for me, that was my unlucky day as I am go there on Sunday. But luckily I manage to go Melaka again on the next weekend to find this haha. First thing when you reach there, the uncle will ask "berapa?" which means how many?. And I straight away say four. Unlike putu piring that you can find in pasar malam, this putu piring consist of shredded coconut which is rich in flavor. As when you chew it, it will resulting in water coming out from the coconut. The taste was amazing! Also the gula melaka will kick your taste bud to you guys who like a sweet taste. As for me, because I was too full already.. I can't enjoy eating this baby :(

5. Taste Better Durian Puff

Another snack or dessert to eat in Jonker Street! Especially if you eat it on a sunny hot day. Cause this puff will burst out its creamy durian from the puff. The cream was really tasty. So.. for durian lover, you will definitely like this one. Caution: you have to eat all in once, or else the cream will burst out everywhere to your mouth and clothes. Just like what happen to me... -__-

6. Jonker 88 Cendol

For this one.. the taste not that good compare to cendol pulut in SS15 Subang. The difference is this one reach in gula melaka and I can't taste the coconut in this cendol. The cendol also consist a lot more variation compare to SS15, as this one is more expensive as well. So.. if you want to try cendol, I suggest you just go to SS15 near KFC for the better cendol. Its more affordable too!

7. Klebang Coconut Shake

And for this one.. don't fall for it! It was just like a normal milk shake which consist of coconut water, coconut meat, vanilla ice cream and a touch of coconut syrup. It taste normal only. So don't waste your tummy space for this one.

8. Nadeje

This one is crepe cake. Basically its a layer of crepe cake with whip cream in the middle. Try the original one. I think its the best among the other flavor.

9. Ban Lee Siang 

Nothing special for this one. Is like lok-lo. Difference between this and lok2 is, this one dip in peanut sauce, and the price is more cheaper than lok2. If lok2, the dipping pot will be in chicken stock or tom yam. And per stick have different price. For this one, all is same price I think.

Other thing you can find in Melaka...

So cute right!

I like this kind of traditional store <3 

banana fritters

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  1. I love satay and cendol!!
    like a must eat when i go Melaka, haha!


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