Monday, April 14, 2014

4Finger Crispy Chicken

Craving for fried chicken?

How about trying a new taste of fried chicken! This one is a restaurant who inspired by korean culture I guess.. It seems similar with restaurant called "BonChon Chicken". This Restaurant offer you a fried chicken with different flavor.. such as hot, soy garlic and mix. If you order mix, it means that your order will be a mix between soy garlic and hot flavor.

I personally like hot flavor more.. as it gives you more unique taste compare to soy garlic. The soy garlic itself just taste like salty and the garlic itself doesn't really appear. You can't barely taste the garlic.. in my opinion.

Okay so.. I ever come to two of their branches. One is inside Ion Orchard if I'm not mistaken, and one more is in Plaza Singapore. So.. here is the place in Plaza Singapore.

So for the price is.. you can say average, as it is comes with fries and a drink (not refillable). But for the chicken itself, the only good part of the chicken is the skin. After you take off the skin, the flavor straight away disappear. Why? Because the much of the flavor contain just stick on the chicken skin, which.. when you eat out the skin and just leave the meat part itself.. it will be just like a tasteless fried chicken :(
But then again.. this fried chicken is a worth to try tho.. If you never try this one, definitely need to try it out while you are in Singapore!


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