Tuesday, April 21, 2015

3CE Daily Girl Lipstick Review

I’m sure you guys might know this product that I want to talk about. Its 3CE product! Yes yes, here in Indonesia it’s kind of a booming right now and everyone talk about it. This brand have a lot of range start from eyeliner, lipstick, lip tint, powder, compact powder, eyeshadow, foundation, blush on, nail polish even primer!

Last time I bought two products which are lipstick and lip tint, but for today I will talk about their lipsptick~ I bought their lipstik number 506 which is DAILY GIRL, and like what the name is.. Its perfect to use it in your daily life! I always used this one when I want to go to college and also when I’m going out.
If you are wondering which store did I bought this product from, I bought this at SOGO Taiwan which carry all of this item but more pricey than 86store at Shida Night Market. So, I will recommend you to go to 86store first before go straight to SOGO because the different price is up to NTD100++ which is quiet a lot!

It’s perfect apricot nude colors that will suit any color of clothing that you used. I will carry this baby in my bag because I can use it anytime without too much color on my lips, which is perfect because I don’t really like a bold color. Well, at some occasion I do like it.. But most of the time I prefer the nude one.

The consistency of this color is really good because it won’t make your dry lips become flaky, as this lipstick will moisturize your lips. This lipstick for me its like a combination of lipstick and lip balm because it can easily glide on my lips which I really like.

The cool thing about this is, on every application.. The color also change. Example, if I use it in a dab motion, the color will be light pink but as I glide it all over my lips, the color will turns out as apricot. AWESOME! I swear it looks more good I real life than in the picture.

The downside only for the price I guess because it’s a little bit pricey compare to other brand, which is really famous like MAC. But all and all it’s really worth the money.

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