Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Waroeng Luna Maya (WALUMA)

I was walked around with my friend after exhausting window shopping (talk about saving money lol) in senayan city and and grand indonesia. So, we decided to walk around to find some cozy cafe to sit down, relax and chit chat in there. We found this cafe just behind binus university, or you can find bengawan solo too.. which located in upstairs of indomaret. Its just behind those store.

Here is the cafe that I was talked about.

Once you get into the store.. first thing you notice is.. soo quite and a bit dark. There are two sections in this cafe. One is for non-smoking area (ac provided on this section) and second is smoking area (open area). So I choose to be in the smoking area cause I like the open space and feel the fresh air lol (hyperbola). Oh yea.. and when I want to check in on my path to this cafe, it was said to be "Waroeng Luna Maya". At first me and my friend don't know what Waluma means. And after that me and my friend just wondering if this cafe really belongs to Luna Maya? She is an actress in Indonesia.

We order ice cappucino for me, cause I was a coffee freak. And chamomile tea for my friend.

We just order one food tho.. cause we planned to go to another restaurant after this so we don't want to stuffed our self first :3 . So.. we order the mix platter, if I'm not mistaken.

The price for this food is about 30k++. I think its still reasonable.. as I pay it half half with my friend cause we share the food. So the amount of money that I pay was.. okay lah haha.

Second time I go to here.. they already provide us with table cloth (I need to use google translate first to know what taplak meja is in english hahaha -_-). Sorry for my poor english :x

And here is the food that I order for the second time I go to the cafe.

Look at that cute old pot! Remind me of jaman doeloe sekalii! This one called mie tek tek in here. I don't think the price is reasonable for this one, as it just like indomie which conclude of vegie, egg and chilli -_-. I don't think it worth the price for 20k++. I would rather try another menu blah :\

I do think they concept are really good. They used vintage things and the decoration also not boring. Oh ya almost forget! When I go there for the first time with my friend, the outdoor area really silent so me and my friend playing pop song quiz. After a while we played the game, the staff decided to play song in the cafe HAHAHA. Because when we play the game, we constantly babbling around about the song and also sing the song of the quiz. Get it get it? No? Okay bye... :( wtf

I don't know exactly where it is.. sorry :x
just find Binus University and you will 100% can find the place :3


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