Friday, February 21, 2014


This was a late post..
I really want to change myself back then when I already gradute from my uni and was in the middle of searching for a job. So, I was thinking about changing myself into a more mature looking. I decided to cut my hair into super short.. although the hairstylist himself told me that it won't suit to my face. But I insist him that I want a short hair! lol.

So I was eyeing on 76Style for quite a long time and decided to cut my hair in there. I was going to their branch at Midvalley and their store is super cute and minimalist!

If it is your first time being their customer, you will need to fill up a form which listing you hair condition etc.. and they will ask you which hairstylist do you want you hair to be cut. I actually already searching for the hairstylist in Midvalley and eyeing Steve to cut my hair because I see the picture of his customer are always amazing!

Oh.. and the service in there was awesome too. They even cover my leg part when they wash my hair, as I was wearing a short pants that day :x . They also ask if I would want to have some tea or even only mineral water. Steve also very nice guy. He tend to make a joke and talk active too!

So.. when Steve ask me why I choose him to cut my hair, I was a little bit freeze.. as I'm don't really know how to respond to a person I just met. I tend to overreact and then end up answering to not really a good answer. Sorry Steve san :| . Honestly I really like your cutting hair outcome and thats why I choose you to cut my hair :]

Thank you Steve and the girl who serve me. I would totally go here again and find Steve to cut my hair again! :3

P.S: don't forget to booking first.. as they tend to be fully booked.

A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point Mid Valley City, KL
Tel: +6 03 22870661 (close on Monday)

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