Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beach Please


Because sometimes God want to test you.. How much is your patient through everything. How brave you are. How much it takes you to survive on some situation/problem.

And here is mine.. After a little accident. I have a bruise on my leg. At first I though it won't be that hurt isn't it? So I just keep running and jumping straight away after I got the bruise. But then a few hours later.. The pain decide to start kick in. At first it just like a normal pain that I still can handle. But then...

Day 2

The bruise become more dry than last time. But the swollen is just getting bigger. As the swollen is right in the middle of my bone.. So everytime I bend my knee or just try to walk. It hurts like $:@!?. The pain is like from the bone. Everytime you walk, it will feel like someone is punching your knee every second. Damn..

I kid you not.. It's so damn hard when I want to wear my freaking pants on. Because it hurts so bad.. That I would just choose not to wear any :'

But I keep saying to myself.. I'm okay.. I'm okay.. It's not hurt.. It's not that hurt.. Just to give myself a self support :/. I just hope everything would be okay. Don't let this bruise ruin my graduation day please :|. How am I suppose to go on the stage of my graduation? -_-

Day 3

So people.. please be careful okay =) . Don't be like me -_-
Sorry for my disgusting knee :x

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  1. So next time littel bit more carefull


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