Saturday, March 8, 2014

Loobie Lobster

Loobie is a chained restaurant with Holy Cow Steak and its really famous for their affordable price for a lobster. So.. I decided to try their food :3

Okay.. first of all, the restaurant not really big. It don't many chair for their guest. So I suggest you to come earlier and never come in lunch time! Because it would be full pack already. Lucky me when I go there, its already have an empty seat to take over.

So here is the menu..

I order the mix platter which consist of shrimp, lobster and calamari. You also can choose what chili you want it to be served with, and I choose the balinese chili if I'm not mistaken.

Here is the close up look..

The taste is just so so.. For my opinion, it just like a bland taste. The chili as well surprisingly didn't give any kick on the taste. All is bland.. it just like they don't seasoning it well, for my liking. Maybe I just too much into the savory thing.. I guess.

You can also get a free tiramisu with following their twitter account and tweeting that you are having lunch/dinner in there! So I got the green tea tiramisu and my friend choose the strawberry one.

If you can only get 1 tiramisu, I suggest you to choose the green tea flavor because it taste amazing and refreshing!

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