Friday, May 2, 2014

Holycow Steak

Remember the review of Loobie Lobster last time? Here is the review of their other branch as well.. which specialise on steak. The place are more larger than Loobie Lobster tho... and the crowded customer seems to haunting this place as well. Good job! :)

The restaurant itself really cozy and mostly dominant with red and white color. The place also really clean and have quite big parking.

As you can see.. its quite crowded already. Luckily when we arrived there is still not that packed yet. As usual, I have done a research first for what is the best thing in there.. meanwhile.. because I really craving for medium rare steak, so I order rib eye medium rare. As for M, he order tenderloin steak.. also medium rare lol.

The rib eye steak is as juicy as you can tell by the picture. Its really tender and easily to cut. The temperature also in a good balance which I ask.. medium rare. Ugh I really want to eat this again right now! For M steak, its a bit tough for me.. and for him as well. So, for you who searching for a tender yet juicy steak, maybe you can order like mine.. which is rib eye. The best seller in there is also wagyu steak if I'm not mistaken. But its quite pricey so I prefer to order the rib eye lol. You can also choose the sauce to your preference.. and also adding mustard or chilli sauce if you think thats a need. Don't forget to choose the side dish diligently! Cause don't you dare thinking the spinach side dish is not nice, because it is very nice I swear! Additionally, its also healthy and anyways if you choose the fries already.. you have to choose vegetable to combine with the fries so it can be a balance diet, thats I think.. hahaha.

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