Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bakmi A-Paw

If you are craving for tasty bakmi ayam or pangsit, you can go to this place. This place is like a little stall in the market, or we Indonesian called it "pasar". Just beside the meat and fish station, you can find this bakmi place called Bakmi Jambi A-Paw.

The menu in here actually quite a lot which consist of pangsit or dumplings, mie ayam, mie besar, bihun etc etc which I don't know what other else name is lol. So when I go there, I always order the pangsit or bakmi. The bakmi itself got 2 type which are bakmi with pork (noodle with pork) or mie ayam (noodle with chicken).

I don't know if you can tell or not, but there is a lot of minced pork right there.. with some of slices pork as well. I've never ever eat bakmi nor pangsit with a hella lot of meat like this. The pangsit itself really delicious!! I kid' you not! Hands down the best pangsit I've ever eaten in my whole life #okesip

The pangsit or dumplings soup taste like heaven. Normally the soup will be bland and sometimes I need to add pepper or salt into it. But this one is in a perfect taste! And inside the dumplings you will find pork lard, roasted pork and the minced pork combines in one ball just like a meatball, but this one is porkball *badumtss*

Where is this at? Just go to Summarecon Mall Serpong pasar (market) and go to the meat station and then, just on your right side you can find this place. Happy food happy tummy yeay!

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