Friday, August 15, 2014

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Hellooo guys long time not blogging! heheh. Been busy quite a while now being a stay at home lady lol.. andd yesterday was quite fun as I need to take care my things so, I need to go out (like finally) and finish the things that need to be done!

Because the place that I need to finish all the work is near Pantai Indah Kapuk, or us Indonesian called it as PIK so I decided to eat in there and trying the new happening place that need to be tried haha. I've been seeing quite a lot people uploading a picture of this bak kut teh through instagram so I say to myself let's try that awesome bak kut teh!

Reaching the place, its almost a full house.. maybe its all because it was a lunch time. Arrived in there and the server will asking you how many people you are with and will handing you the menu list. I'm waiting for about 5-10minutes and finally got a seat for me and my fellas.

This restaurant don't really have things to choose as it basically only got pork soup, pork intestine (errr...), dough fritters.. and we decide to order the pork soup and dough fritters. But goddamit the fritters was out of stock right before we want to order it! Damn..

So here is my order everybodeehh!

Look at that pork ribs. Dayumm..

Okay actually the taste not that awesome.. like you know, in the tv commercial when you it eat and you squish your face in the surprise expression and say "oh my goodness this is so goodd". Meh.. it's good tho. But not that great. If you get what I mean.. hahah. The soup taste just like a combination of saltiness and garlicky which is quite nice. But it won't taste that nice once it turned into a cold soup. So you better drink the soup while it's freaking hot lolol. Oh btw you can refill the soup! Just ask for it with the server, or you also can ask it with an awkward hand gesture like when you wanna ask them to refill your drink. Thats how I ask mine actually because I don't know what to say. Luckily they understand and mumbling.. oh.. soup? HAHA.

As for the pork ribs itself, it's really tender and really easy to pull the meat from the bone. Anyway.. compare to the bak kut teh that I had when I'm in Malaysia, in there was more nicer than this one. Because there you can choose between dry bak kut teh or soup bak kut teh and the soup itself really taste herbal which I found is healthy for me haha.

Andd for the drink.. you MUST try the milk tea or teh tarik because the taste nearly the same with the one in Malaysia!! Wohoo.. I really miss the heavy taste of milk tea back in Malaysia T_T

Anyways.. do check them out. The place is near the seven eleven and its located in the 2nd floor if I'm not wrong.

For me it was.. 8/10 whoop whoop!


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