Saturday, November 22, 2014


This cozy place located near gongguan night market, Taiwan. One thing you notice when you go inside the place is it really feels like you’re at your own home! The place included some area that looks like living room with the sofa, book shelves, magazine, books, novel and the interior really make you feel like you just want to stay there and don’t want to go home!
The coffee itself a little bit pricey for my pocket as for a cup of hazelnut cappuccino you need to spend 150NTD. But it was worth the price for me! You can enjoy your time while taking a break or doing you homework. In here also got a lot of plug so you can bring your laptop and play in there! The coffee really has a strong fragrance and the taste also not to bitter and not too sweet which is perfect for my taste bud!
The service also nice as the server really friendly and will not rush you to order in a flash. We also order tea and cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll is amazing! It will make you want to eat more and more. It’s in a balance flavor for me, which is not to sweet and not to bland. For the portion, kind of small for me but compare with the price I think it makes sense because it’s only 80NTD. The tea is a mix of tea and milk, which is a really good combination, and they serve it with a cut mug and pot as well! For this cup of tea we need to spend 170NTD which for me is a little expensive..
Do drop by and taste their amazing dish! Oh by the way if you wanted a meal to make your stomach full, this place is not an option as they only sell tea, coffee and bread :)

Taipei, Taiwan

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