Thursday, March 26, 2015

SKII Facial Treatment Mask Review

Aloha everyone! Today I'm gonna review the SKII Facial Treatment Mask. I got it as a sample when I buy the STEMPOWER and FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE which... I will review it soon! So.. for the sheet mask. I use it overnight because I just don't wanna waste the ingredient. Yup.. loss anything even when its free. HAHAHA (ga mau rugi)
So here is how to use in on your face. In case you don't know pfft
dammit eyes!! close!

Okay........ LAST ONE
As you can see.. I don't know why but the mask really strong until it make my eyes can't close properly because the mask pull my eye up. wtf. The mask also really thick compare to other mask I ever use before.

And because I don't wanna waste any ingredient... so I use the liquid that remain in the container to my body such as my hands and my legs. After I put onto my body, few minutes later... the dirt from my skin or us Indonesian call it "daki" begin to appear by itself. I'M SOO AMAZED BY THIS I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. hahaha.

So.. I can conclude that the ingredients really powerful because even the dirt from my skin suddenly appear by itself. When first time I slap the sheet onto my face, it feels... nothing. Really. No tingling, burn or cooling sensation. Also the mask big enough to cover my whole face which I really like because some mask is just too small and can't cover my whole face.
Here is my BEFORE face using:
Here is AFTER:
I like this face mask because it makes my face smooth, moisturize, firmer and also my reddish face become calm down a little bit by using it one time. Also when I apply makeup afterwards, I can blend my makeup easily and it turns like I didn't put any makeup on my face. LOVE IT! Will purchase it again if I have extra cash lol. You can also combine it with other products of SKII to have a better results!

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