Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kimchi Grandma Pantai Indah Kapuk

Heyy guys! As you guys probably didn't know... I LOVE TO EAT. I love to experience all the new restaurant since I was a kid and that explain why my body is f... I mean curvy haha :')
So today I will review a korean bbq buffet. Say whatt??? YES. A korea bbq BUFFET. Buffet means all you can eat until your stomach explode haha. I really love korean food and its really perfect for me so I can eat as much as I want haha.

There is a lot of selection in here.. from soup, ramen, bbq and even a food that you can eat immediately so whenever you can't wait for the food to cook first, you can grab this kind of food first to fill up your stomach while wait the bbq being served. I have been to this restaurant twice and that twice time going there have been a pleasant experience for me. When the first time I go there, the waitress immediately serve us and change the bbq plate when its already burn without I'm even asking for it!

The second time I visit there, the waitress help us to bbq the meat and also cut the meat for us. She even recommend me which food is the best. What a good service isn't it? Even after you finish eating, they will serve you with some complementary dessert.
Oh I forgot to mention, the bbq place in there also equipped with a thing to suck the smoke from the bbq so the place wasn't filled up with smoke eventho  all the people in there was bbq-ing which is awesome so your clothes won't smell badly. This restaurant is a branch restaurant from Melbourne so in case you are in Melbourne and you want to eat a korean bbq buffet, you guys can google this place and go with your friend to fill up your tummy~ :p
The meat itself serve with variation of meat like the tongue, cheeks, bulgogi, steak even ribs! Also they have a bunch of veggie to make a wrap with your meat~ If you like kimchi just like me.. you can have tons of it in here because its unlimited! But then the drinks is not free and you have to pay for it. Some of the drinks is refill tho.. so you don't have to worry ;) 


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