Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 Hours Break!

Like you can see from the tittle, today I got 2 hours break before continue my next lecture which is at 1.30-2.30 . So me and my friend decided to go to Pyramid from Canopy Walk of course. In the middle of my way to Pyramid, I just realize that I can see a bear from Sunway Lagoon. Wow I'm so norak now LOL ( I don't know what norak called in English btw).

Okay continue to I'm on the way to Pyramid. So afterwards when I arrive in Pyramid, I'm straight away go to Pasta Zanmai (I'm in hungry condition lol). So I pick the set menu cause I'm in rakus mode, and my friend Diva pick chicken katsu.

Here is the review of the food~
This is me with all of my food. (I'm looks greedy hahaa)

The first picture I would give point about 3/5 cause I don't really like the taste. The 2nd picture was the nice one. I give 5/5 for this food.
Oh yeah for your information, because I pick set menu so I have 2 food to eat hahaa. It really makes me look greedy isn't it? lol

And here is my partner in crime (halah-halah). DIVAAAA.. lol.

The autism with her blackberry hahaa (I can't make it to candid picture cause I'm too late to take the picture, so she "sadar kamera" already :P)

and here is her food, chicken katsu.

at about 1.00 pm our happiness ending because we have to go back to college to continue our lecture. So this is the end of our journey today~


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