Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Random Post

What happen with me tonight? Although I have many things to do, but I still keep updating my blog. I'm such a lazy student *sigh*
Well tonight I'm gonna flash back my memories when I was a child. Innocent child lol. Here is the picture below. Check this out!

My older sister, my brother, me, My younger sister (I'm such a cutie right? lol)

My younger sister, my older sister, my brother, and of course me ;)

Back then,the oldiest time. Happy family :) (forget whose birthday is this)

When seeing all these photos, I really want to go back to my child time. When all I'm doing is playing around, laughing, cheer on, and another happy stuff. Yeah this is a weird situation in human being. When they still a child, they want to grow up. But when they already grown up, they want to go back again to be a child.


  1. that's my bdae! how dare you forgot it. =.=

  2. ooo sorry2 hahaa, udh brp puluh taon yg lalu y lupalah gw -,-


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