Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Refreshing Time

Since today I have done my SBM assignment, so I decided to go to Pyramid for awhile. Even thought I know for sure that I have test in Friday, but my mind keep saying that I should have a break for awhile lol.
So me and my friend go to Pyramid for a walk and ofcourse eat. First when we arriveat there, we then go to nando'sto eat. I order the 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines. My friend also order that too for eat. Here is the pict!

Model in action!

This one is extra hot peri-peri. Yummy!

After we finish eat, we go to SaSa cause my friend want to buy dye hair that her friend recommend to her. Afterwards, we walk again then we pass Auntie Anne's which make us feel want to eat the bread even we both not hungry hahaa. Maybe this is the reason I can't lost my weight lol. But its okay, just enjoy my life~

Here are the picture

She is just too happy to eat Auntie Anne's. Look at the happy face! :P

The dirty hand (eeww...)

Okay lets continue our journey! After finish eat the "snack", we go to giant to buy some food and stuff.

another random picture

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