Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blood Donation

I don't have a destiny to do blood donation. Everytime I want to do it, there will be a certain things come out that make me can't donate my blood. Back then when I was still in Indonesia, I really want to donate my blood as my cousin say when you donate your blood, you will produce new blood then can make you healthy sort of things. I want to donate also because I want to help other people hehe. But then I can't donate because my age still below the requirement and my weight also below the requirement -__-

So.. when I am in Malaysia, I really excited to try donate my blood.

I have already try three times to donate and all fail.. like seriously epic failed.

First time I can't donate because there is a regulation that you should stay in Malaysia for one year before you can donate. I can't fulfill the requirement as I was still 6 months stay in Malaysia only.

Second time... I almost pass all the things and then end up can't donate because I'm having my period at that time. But the people who do the donate things was like saying me like this.. "You know that was dangerous because if you have HIV or AIDS blabla.."

and I was like WTF man you say like this is just like you are saying that I have a virus or something because I feel not nice as the person who queuing behind me also hear it and when I'm out of the line because I can't donate they were stare at me like.. psst see that girl can't donate her blood because got virus -_-

And lastly... I'm not on my period, I have already stay more than a year but then.................

My tension is low....

They not allow me to donate because they scare that my body can't handle it and I will unconscious when they take my blood.

Well.. when you want to do good things.. there sort of distraction that make you can't fulfill it sometimes. Isn't it?

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