Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013!!

Actually I have this post on my draft but I can't manage to finish writing it and end up with never post this until now haha.. So here iss my post, made by 2/2/2013.

Happy early chinese new year everyone!! Although I won't be celebrating my chinese new year this year, but I still hope my mom would send me angpao through bank HAHAHA. Cause I really broke righ now *sigh*. I mean.. I always literally broke.. anytime..

Anyway.. 2 weeks ago I go to Pavilion with my friend and there are lots of decoration to welcoming Chinese New Year yippieee! The decoration was so pretty.. fake flowers everywhere and also red lampion too! All about red thingy.

wtf my shio is the worst among all!

Me and my friend manage to eat too in the food court :3

favorite korean food!

and.. favorite snowflake flavor :9


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