Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hey College!

Here I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. I won't be survive without this amazing people that brighten up my day!


Ladies and gentleman lemme introduce you to.... padang girls haha! This is the only reason I like this person.. her bubbly personality! Although she always speak up her mind about whatever it is without think about it first but I don't mind cause she is so cheerful. I can talk about anything with her and.. yooo boss! Still remember what I do last time? Calling you when I'm crying hahahaha! Thanks for all the advice boss. And if you guys feeling weird why I called her boss.. its just her nickname haha. I called her boss and she called me same too. I like to hang out with her.. we can talk many things without seeing what time is it already haha. I miss you boss! Oh yeah and she is soon to be bride.. Congratulations for you boss. Have a never ending happy life yaaa :*


She is from thailand.. My best friend in college.. we go through so many path. Become enemy - friends - and enemy again. I don't know why it have to be end with being enemy? -_-. Hence I don't like being your enemy. I enjoy being your friend more. But.. yeahhh... I can't say anything also.. Anyway I like being your friend. You always helping me on everything. And we always go anywhere together and having a plan together. But why you blocked me and my other closed friend? -_-. I have no idea why you doing this.. I hope if you accidentally saw this blog.. we can be friend again.. can we? Cause I don't want have enemy.. and I would like to congratulate you when you graduate later. As you graduate first than me hehe. Cheers!


One words for this girl.. can adapt to new place so fast! She is really talkactive and can become someone else friends within a second I tell you.. and I'm not kidding at all! She is from batam, I know her since semester one. She have a unique personality. I always end up eat and eat and eat with her everytime. All the time we spend is just for eating and talking, gossiping haha! I miss youuu broo!


Everybody say we are siblings -_-. I have no idea why people think like that.. maybe because they always see us together.. same class.. same failed subject.. same everything -_-. We are have the same faith since semester 1 don't we? haha. It was a shocking moment when we failed at the same subject.. ending up with adding one more semester #shit. IKR.. its like hell when you know your friend will graduating faster than you -__-. Still remember where we are in the picture div? hahahaha!! I don't even want to remember it again #eaagalau. Sitting in there.. really cold.. having chicken from some arabian guys.. giving us some beer.. hahaha crazy moment. Oh and I hope we can graduate at the same time like our friends do! Amen :D


Si orang gilaaaa!!! hahaha. Always having a nonsense chat with him. Woi balik malay sini cepetan hahaha!! And always teasing me this son of a ... hahaha. Anyway.. ni orang baik bgt! Sering bantuin gw.. sering curhat2an ya kite pan. Iya ga kakaxxx? Always having our alay conversation.. ended up not sleep early.. hahaha. Cpt balik sini oi gw bosen dewean!! Hahaha


Okay.. this guy is the most honest person on earth!! Even other people do bad things toward him.. he will still kindly giving help to that person!! If me.. I don't know what I will do hahaha. Anyway.. enjoying going out with him. Totally feel comfortable to talk with too. He is just like my little brother haha. I don't care what other people think though. And me and my friend silvia celebrate his birthday last time because he is such a good guy hehe. Congrats for your graduation boy! Have a good future!


Restiii!!! I miss this girl! Last time we always go to asia cafe together.. at night.. probably 10-12pm like that. No wonder I'm fat hahaha. Last time I often go to her place to sleep in there and talking about some random stuff. And she always bajak my bbm! -_-. She have that cheerful personality and can adapt to new place easily! I miss you yuk res! No news from you anymore deh :(


She is like the mother among us. When I have a trouble I will seek her for advice. Its really nice to share with her as she has an adult thinking and can solve problem in a better way. I wish I can knew you more and get closed with you but then you must transfer to monash already :(. I just like know you for two semester.. but then we still hang out together though after that teehee!


Everyone.. say hello to this pretty girl! Although I'm not really close with her.. but she have a good attitude towards everyone.. and always smile too! I remembered last time we were in the same group.. group of 11 people. Many right! Yeahh that was in semester one only.. and after that we seperate into different group cause we are not in the same major anymore :(





Here are the other people that was including to the 11 people.. which are me, onpanit, gai hee, diva, resti, willi, ricky, lawson, wei hong, ervin, worawit. Last time we go to ampang together for having dinner there. The place is really nice! And guess what.. my food was come last! Shit.. somemore I am like super slow when eating.. what a bad luck. Anyhow.. I tot we will be at the same group until we graduate but we don't :(. Yeaaa I know thats not count as I have much friend but whatever... I like getting less friend but its not fake rather than many friend but all fake, right? lol. Anyway.. thats all for this post. See you again sooonnnnn~!!


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