Saturday, April 6, 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2

Sorry the focus is on the background :\

So, before celebrating new year in 2012 I manage to buy this new baby in sephora singapore! Luckily this one is the last piece in there.. although I wanted the pink one :( . And then turn out when I'm come back to malaysia, sephora malaysia also already having this baby on the store wtf -_-

I really wanted to love this stuff like other people do.. but the thing is it broke me out since the first time I tried it :( . I have research about this kind of things and some people say you must take quite a long time to see the result of using this product. Like about 2 - 3 months. And I've been using this since January until now..

First time using this:
Your skin will feel super duper clean and tight like you never ever experience before! Me myself also quite amaze how this stuff can make my skin feel so clean just by using this clarisonic mia 2. But then.. after few days using this, my skin broke out like crazy. I'm not sure yet tho cause I'm using this with my very new cleanser.. So I'm not sure which stuff is making my skin broke out :\
This thing is constantly beeping after 20 seconds for the first two beeps and 10 seconds for the next three and four. So basically the first two beeps (which is 20 seconds) I using it in my T-zone and my chin and under nose. The other two beeps (which is 10 seconds) I will use it in my cheeks area. So.. left cheeks for 10 seconds and right cheeks for 10 seconds.

When to charge it?
Normally it will having two times beep and also moving around two times whenever the battery were running down.

How to use this?
First you must wet the brush head and your face.
And then.. you can either put the cleanser on your brush and turn on the clarisonic and use it directly on your face
Wash your face like normally you do (without cleaning it afterwards with water) so basically the cleanser is already on your face (in a foamy type or something) and then let your wet clarisonic brush to do the job!

And I can say.. so far so bad..
I intend to purchase this to clear my blackheads and pores in my T-zone and my cheeks. I do realize my pores become smaller than before after I switch the sensitive brush to the deep pore cleansing.

 I should say the sensitive brush broke me out like hell. I began to having those tiny pimples out of nowhere -_-

Here is the recap of sensitive brush

and here is the deep cleansing pores

Oh.. and from the first time until a month or so I decide to using this once a day as before that I using it twice a day. I do so because I wanna see do I using it too much until it broke me out. So I guess maybe it affecting also.. And this brush must be replace after 3 months or even before 3 months if your brush already change the color or having those stinky smells yuck :$

And from now on I want to try which brush fit with my skin condition so I can achieve my goal! \o/

I also think it depends on each people skin as each people have different types of skin.. And as for me, my skin liking the deep pore cleansing much better than the sensitive one yey! Hopefully this post will help those people who might interested to purchase this :)

Here is how I am using my clarisonic mia and tips and trick!

How about your experince?

Leave a comment down below if you have any question ^^~


  1. how much is it in SG/Malay? I always want to try this but the price amaze me :(


    1. If I'm not mistaken, for Singapore dollar is $200++ and Malaysia is RM500++ :)

  2. Halooo may I ask does your device have a code below the handle? :)


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