Thursday, December 20, 2012

Being Short

I get this title idea from Audrey blogspot which is malaysian girl that is famous for her blog along with her famous blogger friend ChessieXiaxue and QiuQiu. Her blog is my currently favorite website that I have been reading everyday as I don't have anything to do also haha.

So as what the title said, its all about being short. I don't have any idea since when my body shrink into a midget. When I was a little kid, I used to be the second tall people among my siblings.

If you don't know which one is me, I'm the right corner with that pervert smile -_-. But THEN... I see my currently height right now is.. *sigh*
Most of people who meet me will say why are you so short eh? And I just like.. don't care. Even though I actually really care and I try many possible things to make myself more taller and all failed T_______T
And here come the sad part..


I mean, look at the picture!! I'm okay with being short, but the thing is.. my body is tend to be widen to left and right which means I tend to get fat very easy but also tend to get slim very easy too. . Another disadvantage is other people tend to make joke about how short I am!! Audrey post about being short make me feel I'm the lucky girl now hahaha (I feel you).

What does she say? I will recap in here now..

1. First of all, you’re a girl and girls are not expected to be tall anyway.  It could be worse; you could have been a guy.  Do you know how hard short guys have it! (see, this is how you be optimistic)
(To short guys: sorry I don’t know how you feel.  But if you feel bad, look at it this way.  At least you’re a guy!  You don’t have glass ceilings at work places and gender discrimination!  You will also never be susceptible to vaginal mutilation.  And less likely to contract HIV I think)
2. Second of all, being short is an ice-breaker.  Seriously.  I suspect people have greater propensity to feel kindly towards shorter girls.  Say, if I make a joke about my height, it always gets a laugh, and people may add on to it and people bond over that (making jokes, not over my height)  And if they get closer to me, I realize that people tease me for being short affectionately, not in a bullying way.  I don’t see how is that a bad thing.
3. Shorter girls tend to be cute.
4. Everyone (male and female alike) feels protective over small girls.  They’ll let you squeeze to the front of a crowd without glaring at you too much cos you won’t block their view.  They’ll help you open your canned drinks wtf.
5. You will always look young.  Cannot think of a better reason than this.
6. People remember you.  Would you rather be remembered for being short (and cute) or forgotten?  Once a bouncer at a club in Miami didn’t believe I was over 21 although I had ID.  He told me I had to jump up and touch the sign before he’d let me in WTF so I did.  The key is to not take yourself so seriously and you’ll be fine.  The bouncer loved it!  He laughed and let me in, and looked out for me afterwards to say bye. :)

Lolol! This post made my day!
-The End-


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