Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last Semester

Still can't believe next semester will be my last semester in VU (amen). Miss all the memories since semester one. When I don't even know what the heck assignment is, when I don't even know a single person in college while the other seems to know each other already. I miss all people in the picture below!
When we don't have any idea how to do Business Law assignment.. what we do? Camwhoring!

Margaret Churcill birthday

Which one is the birthday girl? Definitely the one with water all over her clothes haha!

The picture above is when me and my friend making a mixture to splash it to our birthday friend haha! (it was fun). And end up the mixture (which consist of sand, butter, egg, coke etc) got stuck inside my eye -_-. Luckily I can get rid of it phew~

Having buffet at Jogoya

Relaxing time

resulting to.. first hangover -__-

Labil centil

Doing some assignment project

Resti birthday

Diva birthday

Onpanit birthday

Another random picture

I'm sooo gonna miss all those moment! :')


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