Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas is Coming to Town

Christmast is coming to town~! So it means... a present for myself wot woottt~
Just buy a few things for myself.. Shopping is woman best revenge to kill the stress owyeaa~

Finally buying Taylor Swift parfume! Smells like heaven on earth *lebay* lol. The smells really describe Taylor herself which is cheerful and active girl thingy. Me lovey dovey it!

And got some other stuff too as a gift after I purchase the parfume

Oh and here are the recap of christmas decoration in Pavilion and IKEA~

Christmas tree made from bunch of dolls! Uber cuteee.

some of the ladies butt detected lol

The decoration in Pavilion is like magical thingy I tell you. Somehow reminds me of Narnia. I know it sounds weird but.. whatever lol.


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