Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Just realized I have some trauma about some kind of things. Like when I'm driving and somehow there is a person riding a motorbike behind my car and wearing a jacket and helmet, my heartbeat will beating so fast and my hand shaking. Thanks to someone who give me such a traumatic feels. I just realize this when I'm at my hometown. I go out alone and whenever I see someone behind me riding a motorbike with helmet and jacket I will constantly scared. That feeling.. can't describe with anything.

And one more thing is whenever I heard a worship song. It will remind me of something I don't want to remember cause it just make my brain to repeat all the memories, yes.. sad memories.. the most sad memories in my life :'). So whenever my Ipod shuffle into some worship songs I will just skip it. I will listen to the song whenever I feel like want to remember that memories..

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