Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gochujang Tomyam Mee Hoon

This few days I really lazy to go anywhere. I would rather not eat then have to go somewhere just to buy food haha. So today suddenly I want to cook something. Based on what I have at home which are tomyam mee hoon, egg and other ingredient so I decided to just cook it. Here are the step!

gochujang (red pepper soy paste), tom yam mee hoon, eggs and seaweed

cook the mee hoon, rinse and put the mee hoon on the plate first

prepare the eggs and season it

fry the eggs until your desire form and put some water (too much egg -___-)

put the mee hoon back

put the tom yam season

put gochujang

top up with some seaweed

I'm not a professional so... yeaaaaa. Its not that nice but also not that bad tho... As long as I can eat it then should consider it as nice right? HAHAHA. Here it is my gochujang tomyam mee hoon! :3

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