Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Review

A lot of review coming for this product. Making me curious to try it drools. As the Malaysia store not carrying this item, the nearest place you can get this is from Singapore Watson. You can check any Watson in singapore to purchase this. I buy the 250ml size for roughly S$24 if I'm not mistaken. Lots of people rave about this product. Most of them say this is their HG product. Well, based on my experience.. its good enough tho. Not making my face feels tingly and make it red. Cause my face can turn red easily when using cleansing wipe, but this one make it smooth. It just like I cleaning my face with water. It does a good job too for removing eyeliner! Very good right. But overal for removing makeup on the face, I must do it several times to remove all the makeup completely. Excuse my no makeup and no contact lenses look haha.

Overall I will give a 4/5 for its convenient and 5/5 for its price cause its affordable as if you compare with the quality, its really worth each sen. Will I buy this again? Yep definitely! Currently my HG makeup remover, as it is also can be used as cleanser. Quite convenient right! Basically it can do two job as for makeup remover and cleanser. So you buy one product for doing two jobs! You also no need to rinse it so you can just using a cotton pad and just leave it that way. You will feel your face become clean without using a water :D


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