Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birthday Tricky Treat!

Hey ho it's my birthday back then on 2 January. Yes! The day after new year. Sadly I never able to celebrate with my friend because my birthday is fall on holiday time so everytime my friend is on vacation or something *sigh* bad luck me. So last year which is 2011, I still can celebrate with my family in my hometown cause I was on holiday so I go back to Indonesia for quite a long time. But on this birthday, which is 2012 I can't go back because some reason so I have to celebrate with my sister family instead T_T.

I still remember in my mind what is happen on my birthday back then on 2011. One day before my birthday, I ask my mom to buy a cake for me because I really like birthday cake, especially black forest. But then my mom say for what? Don't want to buy la. Then I just say okay then nevermind. Suddenly the next day which is my birthday, my family already planning to make a surprise for me. They already order the cake even before I ask for it. They know exactly what cake I want and from what shop. But sadly the store is close that day :( . So they have to buy from another shop. So at night, I was watching my brother playing some game on the computer. And suddenly the electricity is down. All of my family go downstair and say come go down la for what in upstair don't have any light. At first, I don't realize anything is suspicious until... I smell a burning candle. After that I know what they want to do hahaha. Here is some picture of it.

i don't understand why my face like that. wtf -__-

So here is my birthday in 2012.. which I celebrate at my sister place. Weheee~

The picture quality above is not that good as it is taken by a phone camera.

my sister buying hazelnut cake yey!

At last.. my sister offer me where I want to eat. So because I'm craving for dimsum for long time already, then I say lets go eat dimsum! Lucky me hahaha. This is what we order. For two adult and one child.

got many choices of food such as dimsum, la mian, vegetables, meat etc.

xiao long bao

my sister favorite food!

carrot cake

some of the food

little monster

glutinous rice

pan fried bun

inside of the bun

all of the food~

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