Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Review

Actually I never intend to buying this one. At first I want to buy dolly wink liquid eyeliner as there is so many rave about this product on the internet. But when I go to Sasa, the product is out of stock :(
So the sales girl approach me and offer me to buy this one. At first I don't bother to buy this one as I never intend to buying this and I not yet search the information for this product. But then as I am at pyramid already and I needed eyeliner plus this product is on discount now (girls biggest enemy) so I decide to buy this -_-

And if you asking me how much is this, I totally forget already.. I'm sorry :p . So basically its a liquid eyeliner which have a thick sharp point. You can draw from a fine line to thick line with this eyeliner. The intensity of the color is quite good, it's not too dark tho so for those who don't want a bombastic eyeliner color, you can pick this one :D . You can't easily get off this color but when the eyeliner got contact with some water and you rub it, it will get off easily. So if you want the one that can stay much more longer, I suggest you buy the k-palette tattoo eyeliner. I will have a review on that one too as I also buying that product in super black :D
The sharp applicator
you can draw from a fine line - medium - thick line

rub it and its still there!
rub with a bit of water and its goes off :(
sorry for the unbalance eyeliner as I just do the proper one on my right eyes lol
trying to act cute lolol


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