Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Singapore Food!

I spent most of the holiday in Malaysia and few weeks in Singapore. So here is the picture of the food that I miss so much! I mostly eat this thing when I'm in Singapore.

Have been craving this for long time cause curious how it taste like. This place always full of people queuing to buy this noodle and it taste.... just normal, nothing special -__- 

favorite store to buy bubble tea! hence this is the most famous bubble tea in Singapore as everytime when I want to buy, always full of people queuing also!

I'm a ramen maniac. I would love to eat all the ramen shop to taste it and to discover which one is the best one that I ever ate haha

Lemme introduce you to one and only.... little monster Rachel!


 I'm hungry mommyyy

And then next shop is Indonesian shop! I like to go to this shop when I was in my hometown to eat their es teler. I really love their es teler. So yummehhhh

Also trying this dough stall thingy. Many people buy this thing so I curious what the taste like lol. And it was just a normal bread thingy actually -__-

and last but not least... my favorite snack shop!


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