Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pieces of Memory

Sometimes when you listen to some song, do you ever feel those feeling that is happen when you play the song back then? It was happen to me. There is a few song that reminds me of some story. Like.. some songs that I always play in the morning when I want go to school. Here are the playlist of the song, my favorite song when I want to go to school. Until my friend want to puke already after listen to it everyday lol.

I'm a k-pop junkers so... yeaaaa don't judge me please hahaha. Uh oh I just remember some stories back then. There is a little accident happen when I was on my way to school in the morning. Usually my friend will join me to go school together. So I pick her up in the morning and go school. Usually there are two or three people that joining me. But at that day, only one friend is join me because it was a little bit too late already. So, by that time I was a little bit rushing to go to school. In the meantime, I was taking a short cut so I can be in time at school. By the time I passing the short cut road, it wasn't a smooth road tho.. But I still don't care and drive at a high speed. Apparently my tire was hitting some rocks at the side of the road and getting burst out. I was like.. what the hell happen with the steering wheel? It suddenly become so heavy and I can't even control it. And it keep drag my car to the left side of the road -________-.
So I was like screaming, oh my God what happen???!! You guys check outside of the car see what happen! I think I bang something! -___- #idiot #okesip.
By the way.. there are only three young GIRL in the car (including me). Somemore all don't know what to do if anything happen. Very clueless. By then, I need to stop at the side of the road to check what is happen. So.. the tire was burst up and I need to replace it right away.. And we are late already!! Crap.

Luckily, the neighbors in there was really friendly. And looking at this three cute clueless girl, they decide to help us out. In the meantime, I am calling my school and the one who answer it like.. yeahhh.. I know you totally bullshit about this to making out a story so you have excuse to be late and I was just like.. okay ma'am. So right away after that I'm calling my cousin to come by to my school so can explain about the situation and help us out. Back to the replace the tire. The neighbors is asking where is the other tire to replace with. And I was like.. totally blank face -___-. I just know how to drive only la.. haha. So I called up my cousin and asking where is the place the tire was in the car lol, how funny is that right.

And guess what the other two people do? My sister is helping me out and my friend........... do her homework in my car. Jengjengjeng. Epic. "Yes la meg (the nick name my Indonesian friends always call me), if I not do this homework I will gonna die by the killer Mr Wanto" a.k.a my wali kelas a.k.a the most killer teacher in the school. So I just like.. okay, just do what you want then -_-.

After all the thing finish. I drive nearby the school and wait my cousin to come and settle everything. So 15 minutes or so, my cousin come and help us out to talk to the teacher in the school. And we can come inside the class after 2 subject finish. How cool was that!! HAHAHA.

By the way.. I mostly almost late come to school. Some is I do it on purpose, some is not. And if its already late by two times, I prefer to ciao a.k.a just not go to school if I was late. Because if you late for three times, you can't even come inside the class. You must wait until the class finish throughout the day and do some cleaning things. I better go to other place than stay for nothing at school -_-.


In 2011
Suddenly my brother ask me, "Last time you ever late because your tire is burst out right?". And I say yes... why?. He say one of the teacher tell a story, something like this...
I have a story. You know, last time your senior is late and hopelessly making up a story for having a burst tire. Don't be like them, making up a stories... Until asking someone to come up to helping them make up the stories (and then laughing). Something like that, with the conclusion that it was just a lie. SO... back then they think it was a LIE???? What the...
Don't care la, past already. Just enjoy it. Hahahahahahahaha T___________T

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