Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Haunted House

Just remember some memories back then when I am playing haunted house in Jakarta and my hometown, Lampung. The first time I play the haunted house is in Jakarta. Back then, I play the haunted house with my sister, my niece babysitter and one of my maid. My driver who talk much in the car say that he will also join suddenly disappear to nowhere when we want to buy the ticket -_-
After that, my group join with another group with a total of 7 people and some other staff that guiding us to which way we should go. So here is the position.. my maid, my sister, me and behind me is my niece babysitter.
At first time enter the place, it was totally dark!! It scared the hell out of me. Somemore they create like some fog and got background sound which make it even more scarier. Then we walk by through all the way and all the girls screaming around and run away to here and there. The moment that I won't forget is when my niece babysitter get really scared and she grab my hair (because I'm infront of her) and then shaking it back and forth. It make me really dizzy man... And she also drag me around when she running because the ghost is approaching us. While she drag me, my knee is dragging the floor until bleeding and my pants going down until almost can see my panties already -__-
At last.. when we come to the exit.. again.. my niece babysitter still in the scared mode so she push all of us and we end up fall down in the exit door. All the people outside is staring at us.. so embarrassing. Somemore one of my maid slipper is missing in nowhere so she have to jump with one feet to go anywhere HAHAHA. So at the end of the day... I got a big scar in my knee and dizziness because of my niece babysitter -_-

Haunted house experience in my hometown, Lampung. From the first time enter the haunted house I'm not that scared after the first haunted house experience. This time experience is funny. There are two of my cousin, my cousin friend, my brother, my sister and me. With a total of four boys and two girls. Enter the haunted house... and suddenly my cousin say "eh who is farting? I smell something smelly". Then all of us is laughing -_-. This time is not that scary. The first ghost that appear is suster ngesot. You know.. that kind of nurse that walk with drag around the floor. And some of us is accidentally step on her hand LOL. The second ghost is some old man in the wheelchair. Then my cousin just push the wheelchair to nowhere hahahaha.

After that we must go through some hole to pass to the other section. But its not that easy cause got some tuyul who scaring us from the hole. And we just like scare that kid back lol. And we come to like living room, some kind of big place. In there we must find a key. Many ghost in there and some ghost are approaching me from right side. And I just close my eyes eventhought that people keep saying like.. look who beside you. But I keep my eyes close until my cousin find the key. So.. this experience is not that scary compare the first one. Maybe because the first one, we play it at night and second one is in the afternoon. And the first one place is more darker and got more effect.  

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