Monday, May 20, 2013

Crest 3D Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips Review

Ever wonder how to whiten your teeth and you don't want to go to doctor for it? Here is the solution! Let me introduce you with crest strips ;)

So.. the box comes with 7 strips for the Intensive Professional Effects. Other type comes with much more strips if I am not mistaken.

Basically what you need to do is playing the strip (lower strips first) and leave it for 2 hours and tadaaa! You will have a brighter teeth than before. But becareful as you might having a sting sensation when first time using it. After using the strips, my teeth become more sensitive in about 5 days, but after that it will turn to normal again ;)

Here is my before:

And here is after!
Say bye to yellow teeth eewww :s

anddd the comparison!

I have been using two box for this result. And you just have to use one box for one year. So.. I have been using it for two years already ;) . Hope this can help you guys~
Oh and if you are in Malaysia and don't know where to buy it.. you can buy it from sgdrugstore and don't forget to quote my blog as well! :D

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