Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunny Side Up

I've been very curious about this place even before I reach Indonesia.. cause my younger sister always eat in here and she recommended this place. This is like a theme restaurant which is egg theme I guess.. The decoration is really nice! And my niece really enjoying to play on their hanging bench haha.

the menu

She is enjoying play in here!

mine, green tea ice blend :3 
my brother set breakfast
sister ice lychee tea
mine creamy salmon omelet :9 
sister chicken teriyaki
sister salmon teriyaki steak
 And.. my one turn out to be the least expected cause its too creamy :( . I ask everyone to help me eat but no one wants it -_- . My brother set breakfast is just plain.. I just liking the french fries hahaha. My sister food also so so only. And then after that we go around the mall and find this thanksgiving decoration.

mummy with rachel


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