Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dim Sum Inc

Here I am back then.. accompanying my sister to go interview for her paper. And while we need to wait for interview, we decide to have lunch first as we not yet eat since morning :\ . So here we go! We both walk around to see which place we will decide for having our lunch.

And then we come to this place.. guess what? Its the grand opening of this place! So we decide to try this new restaurant. And its really packed actually cause we having our lunch in the break time.. end up with share table with other customer -_-

the menu

So we decide to order 4 things.. which are shrimp siomay, hongkong noodle, porridge and chee cheong fun which I have been craving for longgg time! And guess what? The chee cheong fun is out of stock :( . And the porridge also never serve to us so we decide to cancel it since we waiting like almost 1 hour already for a porridge -_-

hongkong noodle
The food is quite yummy tho.. so maybe you should come and try the food :D

Dim Sum Inc
Karawaci Office Park Blok A No.2, Lippo Karawaci
Benton Junction (Jl. Bulevar Palem Raya No. 38, Lippo Village 1200), TangerangBanten15810Indonesia.


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